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Customer Callback: Guided Tour

What is Customer Callback?:

What is Customer Callback? Provides customers more flexibility in how they connect to CSRs When offered, customers experiencing high queues time can: Wait in queue as they do now Receive a callback when it’s their turn Schedule a more convenient time in the future for a callback Customer Callback will literally keep the customers place in line even after they’ve disconnected their call. This lessens the frustration caused by waiting for their call to be answered as it lets the customer go about their business during their wait time. At this time only Credit, MIMO, Main, Outage, or Gas Choice calls during full-service hours will receive the Callback option.

What is the Customer’s Experience?:

What is the Customer’s Experience? The customer will navigate our IVR to allow them to self-service If a CSR is still required they will route to our Live Call Queue As this happens the system determines their estimated wait time: If the system estimates a wait time of less than 2 minutes there is no change If the estimated wait time is two minutes or more customers will be given the Callback Option. Next we’ll show you an example of what the customer will hear.

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Demonstration of Customer Callback Presented in partnership with

What is the CSR’s Experience?:

What is the CSR’s Experience? The CSR’s Experience is mostly unchanged: If the Caller Provides Account Number: If the Caller Does Note Provide Account Number:

Closing Notes::

Closing Notes: We are anticipating an enhanced Customer Experience with Customer Callback We welcome and encourage feedback from our customers PMCCS will develop an Email Template for Customer Feedback which should be directed to PO Box: RPT Help Desk Additional details as well as Bulletin Board will be circulated by December 19 th the day before Customer Callback goes live.

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