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Brian Kelly's slides for the "Introduction to IWMW 2016" talk at IWMW 2016, LJMU, Liverpool on 21 June 2016


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Introduction to IWMW 2016 Opening talk at IWMW 2016 event, Liverpool, 21-23 June 2016:

Introduction to IWMW 2016 Opening talk at IWMW 2016 event, Liverpool, 21-23 June 2016 Brian Kelly Independent event organiser / researcher / consultant at UK Web Focus Ltd. Contact Details Brian Kelly Email: Twitter : @briankelly Blog : Slides and further information available at Event hashtag: #iwmw16 #p0

About IWMW Events:

About IWMW Events IWMW: Institutional Web Management Workshop Founded by Brian Kelly, in his first year at UKOLN, University of Bath Launched at King’s College London on 7-9 July 1997 Now an established 3-day event Relaunched in 2014 after cessation of UKOLN funding IWMW 2016: 20 th in series Combination of plenary talks, panel sessions and parallel workshops and master classes An ‘ amplified event ’ 2


3 3 You are free to: copy, share, adapt, or re-mix; photograph, film, or broadcast; blog, live-blog, or post video of this presentation provided that: You attribute the work to its author and respect the rights and licences associated with its components. Slide Concept by Cameron Neylon , who has waived all copyright and related or neighbouring rights. This slide only CCZero . Social Media Icons adapted with permission from originals by Christopher Ross. Original images are available under GPL at: Event hashtag: #iwmw16 Plenary talks: #p0 - #p15 Workshops: #a1 - #a9 Master classes: #b1 - #b8

Whova for IWMW 2016:

Whova for IWMW 2016 Whova app: Used again to support communications during event Acknowledgments to Whova for supporting event Will be used for: Important announcements Alerts (lost property, etc.) Changes to programme … 4

IWMW blog:

IWMW blog The IWMW blog: Initially used for reflections on previous IWMW events 31 guest posts published Opportunity for further use after event? 5

Blog post: Lorcan Dempsey:

Blog post: Lorcan Dempsey 6 IWMW: Scaling Learning and Innovation to Build a Successful Community Lorcan Dempsey … the IWMW event was instrumental in “ successfully building a community around shared questions and directions”

“The Ebb and Flow of IWMW”:

“The Ebb and Flow of IWMW” 7 “ IWMW for me is much more than a conference, it’s a community. And it’s a privilege to be a part of this community. Thank you. ” Gareth Saunders, University of St Andrews

“IWMW – More Than Just a Community”:

“IWMW – More Than Just a Community” The institutional web: It’s not a race We do not need to be the ‘best’ – our institutions are all very different But: We may want to achieve a personal best We can do this is a collaborative way 8 In 2006 Ian St John had no idea what the ‘IWMW’ was and didn’t give it a thought. Ten years later Ian feels that “ IWMW is about the people you meet and network with on the social nights and who you become friends ”

“In 1999 I was a freshly fledged World Wide Web Coordinator”:

“In 1999 I was a freshly fledged World Wide Web Coordinator” 9 In 1999 Rob Bristow attended his first IWMW. He attended several further events but, due to lack of funding, has not attended since 2007. Rob “ felt the loss of that stimulus and refreshment of my knowledge and interest. I felt like I missed the start of the whole Web 2.0 thing as a result “.

This Year’s Content:

This Year’s Content This year’s theme “ Understanding Users; Managing Change; Delivering Services ” agreed by IWMW 2016 Advisory Group: Brian Kelly Claire Gibbons Andrew Millar Duncan Ireland Ian St John Rich Prowse Kevin Mears Paddy Callaghan Mike McConnell Dominic Hurst Mandy Phillips 10

Application of 1st Theme to IWMW 2016!:

Application of 1 st Theme to IWMW 2016! Understanding Users What do IWMW attendees want? Analysis of IWMW 2015 feedback (see posts   ) Steady as she goes (100% rated content as “Very good” or “Excellent”) Relevant content (case studies; implementable advice; …) Opportunities to discuss with peers Ability to attend multiple parallel sessions! More IWMW events during year! Also: Inspirational speakers New speakers from community 11 Attending multiple parallel sessions: Facilitators can make slides available Write a report and make it public More IWMWs during year: “IWMW in Miniature” master class Let’s encourage regional events!

About You:

About You For IWMW 2016: 135 registered delegates (110 last year) 37% first timers! 30% female 29 speakers/facilitators (21%) 8 female speakers (28%) 12 42 prefer beer 36 white wine 47 red wine 12 soft drink 104 train 17 car 7 plane Travel to event Preferred drink


Sponsors The IWMW 2016 sponsors help to: Fund social activities & administrative aspects Provide valuable content Ensure viability & sustainability of event 13 Use opportunity to talk to sponsors, visit exhibition, …

Paul Boag’s Video Summary :

Paul Boag’s Video Summary Paul Boag’s reflections on IWMW events (@ boagworld ) 14


Prizes IWMW 2016: 20 th anniversary A time for: Looking back Learning from the past Looking to the future Having fun! IWMW 2016 session chairs will award prizes for note-worthy activities 15


Prizes Three prizes in this session: A contributor to the IWMW blog 16


Prizes Three prizes in this session: A contributor to the IWMW blog A first-timer (HE) attendee at IWMW 2016 17


Prizes Three prizes in this session: A contributor to the IWMW blog A first timer attendee at IWMW 2016 Designer of IWMW logo (unsolicited) 18


Timetable 19 Time Title 13.45 #P0: Introduction to IWMW 2016 Brian Kelly 14.00 #P1: Requirements Are Hypotheses: How Lean UX Can Help You Develop Better Products Neil Allison, University of Edinburgh 14:45 #P2: Skin Deep: Using Cosmetic Improvement to Drive Real Change Gareth Edwards, The University of Greenwich 15.30 Coffee 16.00 Workshop sessions 17.30 Finish Event Dinner Note IWMW 2016 meal will be held at Merseyside Maritime Museum Venue opens at 7pm Meal served from 7.30pm Venue closes at 11.30pm


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