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Many different variants of flooring options exist for your business. Many establishments might go for a classic wood flooring while others might prefer the simplicity of concrete. However one solution to the flooring problem many businesses might not have considered is an epoxy coating. If you have never heard of epoxy being used as a flooring material before you might have some questions about what exactly it is and what the added benefits of an epoxy coating are as well as the downsides. What is it exactly The coating that will be applied to your floor is part epoxy resin and part polyamine hardener which when combined prior to the application provides the substance that will protect your floor. If you were to look for an epoxy coating product found at local hardware or home improvement centers you would find that many of those kits can have as little as less than half solid epoxy meaning that you would only get half the coating you paid for

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since the rest of it evaporates during the curing process. The epoxy kits that can be found on our website contain 93 solid epoxy which will maintain the ease of application as well as the value in surface coating. Using an epoxy coat over a concrete base protects the flooring from various chemicals that might spill upon it. This includes substances such as oils most types of acids including bleaches and sanitizers and other compounds that would likely damage other types of floors. ​Epoxy Floor Coating Systems ​ are durable substance that will provide your flooring with a long lasting sheen that will not get damaged like ordinary flooring options. Epoxy is resilient against stains chipping and becoming cracked. Since Epoxy is a coating that goes on top of concrete it provides cleaning benefits that regular concrete does not naturally have. An epoxy coat is non-dusting and is also highly water resistant. These features guarantee your floor is easy to maintain. With all of the added benefits of durability cleanliness and survivability one might assume that epoxy might not provide the style that one might want for their business but that is not the

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case. An epoxy coating provides a glossy coating and comes in several colors on our website including Khaki Tan Light Gray Medium Gray and Tile Red.

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