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Internship Portfolio : 

Internship Portfolio Ken BrewerID#603296000155173East Stroudsburg UniversityInstructional TechnologySummer 2010

Internship Brief : 

Internship Brief I worked with the Information Systems Department at Bangor Area School District. I did “ghost casts” and set up several computer labs for the end computing networking system. I was also given a tour of the networking system and saw the server room, the building switches and phone system. I sat in on meetings and discussion with the Information Systems Department and saw how they made decisions concerning the school district network.

Objectives : 

Objectives Conduct a review of the infrastructure of the school district’s network. Conduct a review of the operating systems and platforms used in the district. Conduct a review of the networking resources utilized to ensure network security and user safety. Conduct a review of the aspects of management of the district’s network

Objectives : 

Objectives Create A diagram of the District’s network layout Write a brief summary about the importance of ensuring and maintaining a safe and secure network in the K-12 environment Demonstrate to the I.S. Department staff the procedure for classroom PC setup, “ghosting” or classroom computers. Write a brief summary of the challenges facing Technology Coordinators in the K-12 environment

Network Overview : 

Network Overview The following slide is a PDF of the School Network Diagram that I drew. The network is simple: The firewall protects our network from viruses, the building servers are connected to a core switch with CAT 5 cable. The core switches are connected to IDF switches with CAT 5 cables. The IDF switches are connected to the individual PCs with CAT 5 cable. These series of switching systems make it easier to manage the computers than if you would just connected all computers directly to the servers. That would be a nightmare.

School Network System : 

School Network System

“Ghosting” : 

“Ghosting” Ghost casting is the process of applying the image of one computer onto many other computers at one time. This is called a multi-cast because it is done to many computers at a time. First you load the required and desired software onto a computer. Next you upload the image of that computer onto the server Then, using a ghost casting program, you pull the image off of the computer. Using switch boxes and CAT 5 cables, hook each computer that will be getting the image to the network Log in using the administrator password and give identify the session name. Select the largest file size. Then, start the ghosting session. Every computer on the network will receive the image so you must name each computer that you want to receive the image.

Ghosting Continued : 

Ghosting Continued -To name each computer you have to type in the administrator password and the login box appears. In the log in box you simply change the name. -Once each of the computers you named has received the image you must install the printers and any other dedicated programs. -When we ghosted the high school laptops we had to install Kaspersky Anti-virus to each computer individually because they forgot to put it on the original image -To install we just typed in the IP address and followed the prompts for the most put. We deactivated anti-hacker. -These are the key points to the process. The rest is just following prompts and clicking “next”.

Installing An End-Computing Network System : 

Installing An End-Computing Network System End-Computing is when you use one PC to feed a number or workstations. Each workstations consists of a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The workstations are connected to the PC with network boxes and CAT 5 cables. The PC must have a network card with as many workstations. The next few slides are pictures of me installing an end-computing system culminating with the finished product.

Networking Computers : 

Networking Computers

End Computing : 

End Computing

Wire Management : 

Wire Management

Finished End Computing System : 

Finished End Computing System

Summaries : 


Blended Schools Training : 

Blended Schools Training I received twelve hours of blended schools training. In the training I learned how to use Blackboard. This allows me to create an online classroom for homebound students. It also serves as an instructional students for the physical environment. It is hard to display an artifact for this training so I am providing a link to the page. But, I think you will need my password so I am also displaying a screen shot on the next page. I will also provide a link to my wikispace which I was also able to make improvements to thanks to this training. Blended Schools Wikispace

United Streaming : 

United Streaming I shadowed our Technology Department and my Department Head as they set up for live streaming of our 2010 Commencement Ceremony. I then, operated the camera during the ceremony. Creating streaming video is not difficult. All you need is a sound system, a camera, laptop and internet access. Then, you create an account on United Streaming. On the United Streaming Website the directions are simple. Just hit “start recording”.

Resources : 

Resources Rustin Holmes – Information Systems Coordinator Rob Clark – Network Administrator; Certified Novell Technician Dave Possinger – Network Administrator; Certified Novell Technician Jeff Miller – Department Head; Technology Education

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