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Transportation Technology : 

Transportation Technology Ken Brewer

Objective : 

Objective Define Transportation Technology Identify Transportation Technology Illustrate The Use Of Transportation Technology

Contents : 

Contents The Internal Combustion Engine Electronics Systems Steering And Suspension Systems Transmissions Systems Cooling And Exhaust Systems Modes Of Transportation Mass Transit Systems Computers In Transportation Impacts Of Transportation References

The Internal Combustion Engine : 

The Internal Combustion Engine In 1876 Nicholas Otto invented the four stroke internal combustion engine. He called it the Otto Cycle Engine.

How Does It Work : 

How Does It Work A gas-fuel mixture is ignited by a spark plug inside the chamber. The explosion pushes the piston which turns the crank shaft.

The Ignition System : 

The Ignition System The first ignition system was invented in 1911 by GM engineers Clyde Coleman and Charles Kettering.

How Does It Work : 

How Does It Work The battery provides the initial power source for ignition. Once the car is started the alternator takes over.

Steering And Suspension Systems : 

Steering And Suspension Systems

Steering/Suspension : 

Steering/Suspension Troubleshooting steering and suspension on your car can be difficult. Click the link above for tips.

Transmission : 

Transmission Automatic transmissions are more common in cars. But, some people still appreciate manual transmissions.

Cooling/Exhaust Systems : 

Cooling/Exhaust Systems Cooling and Exhaust Systems in vehicles basically work with a pump and a series of intake and outtake lines.

Cooling, Heating Systems : 

Cooling, Heating Systems Coolant is pumped through the engine through a series of hoses. This keeps the engine from overheating.

Exhaust Systems : 

Exhaust Systems Hazardous fumes are pushed out of the piston chamber by the piston and expelled out the tailpipe through a series of pipes and chambers.

Computers In Transportation : 

Computers In Transportation Computers exist in most modern cars. In the form of GPS Systems and diagnostic controls.

Diagnostics : 

Diagnostics Sensors send messages to the central computer. The computer relays the message to the driver through a display panel.

Modes Of Transportation : 

Modes Of Transportation The Department Of Transportation controls every mode of transportation from ground, water, sea and air travel.

Mass Transit Systems : 

Mass Transit Systems Mass Transit Systems are public forms of transportation that carry large groups of people at a time.

Shipping : 

Shipping UPS provides shipping service all across the country. There are many other shipping companies that carry goods to factoriess and businesses that drive our economy.

Transportation Impacts : 

Transportation Impacts Transportation technology has severe positive and negative impacts. Our economy depends on transportation yet it creates a lot of pollution.

Impacts Continued : 

Impacts Continued Green Mountain Power 2008 Sustainability Report

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