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Dear Ken, I am a layman of construction technology. But your related slides do interest me into the field. Would you mind share your slides to me for my reference. Your kind share would be highly appreciated. My e-mail is

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Construction Technology : 

Construction Technology Ken Brewer

Objectives : 

Objectives Identify Construction Technology Understand Construction Technology Evaluate The Impacts Of Construction Technology

Contents : 

Contents The Foundation Framing Plumbing Technology Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Residential Electricity Impacts Of Construction Technology Civil Engineering References

The Foundation : 

The Foundation Footers Concrete Rebar

Footers : 

Footers The footer is a concrete stand that serves at the base for a structure. The footer must be dug below the frost line.

Concrete : 

Concrete Concrete is a combination of cement, stone and sand. It fills the footer and the base of a structure.

Rebar : 

Rebar Rebar is stuck in the footer to act as reinforcement for the concrete. It adds tensile strength to the concrete.

Framing : 

Framing Roofing Studding Door/Windows

Roofing : 

Roofing A roof has many layers. It consists of rafters, plywood, sheathing and shingles. These layers prevent the roof from leaking.

Studding : 

Studding Studs are usually 2” x 4” pieces of lumbers played 16” apart to provide a frame for the wall.

Door/Window Framing : 

Door/Window Framing Doors and Windows have extra reinforcement.

Plumbing Technology : 

Plumbing Technology Drain Pipes Supply Pipes The Water Pump Hot Water

Drain Pipes : 

Drain Pipes Drain pipes are larger than supply pipes. They must slope ¼” for every foot of pipe. Today they are usually made of PVC.

Supply Pipes : 

Supply Pipes Supply pipes are smaller than drain pipes. The connection are sealed with solder or PVC glue.

The Water Pump : 

The Water Pump The water pump pumps water into your house via the supply pipes. It is usually powered by electric.

Hot Water : 

Hot Water Water is heated by a water heated in your house. It can be electric, oil or gas. Today there are many alternative heating sources.


HVAC Heating Processes Air Conditioning Insulation

Heating : 

Heating Heat is usually provided by a furnace which can use oil or gas. Heating can also be provide by a central air system.

Insulation : 

Insulation Structures must properly insulated and sealed to prevent loss of heat. However, a structure must also have ventilation. So a balance must be obtained.

Air Conditioning : 

Air Conditioning Air conditioning draws warm air out of your house and replaces it with cool air.

Residential Electricity : 

Residential Electricity Ohm’s Law Switching Systems Wiring

Ohm’s Law : 

Ohm’s Law Ohm’s Law is the relationship between voltage, current and resistance.

Switching Systems : 

Switching Systems Switching systems allow you to control the electricity in a structure.

Wiring : 

Wiring Wiring provides a medium for electricity to travel through a structure.

Construction Impacts : 

Construction Impacts Environmental Social Political Economic

Environmental : 

Environmental Clear-cutting can destroy thousands of trees at a time. It is done to make room for construction projects.

Social : 

Social Construction can provide meeting places for social events where people can get together.

Political : 

Political There are many laws in place that serve to control the amount of construction that is done in a given area.

Economic : 

Economic Construction can have many positive and negative economic impacts on society. It creates jobs and provides shelters and homes for people. But, it is also expensive. If not financed properly construction projects can leave people homeless.

Civil Engineering : 

Civil Engineering Home Construction Commercial Buildings Bridges Roads, Highways and Causeways

Home Construction : 

Home Construction Residential construction provides homes for just about every American.

Commercial Buildings : 

Commercial Buildings Commercial buildings provide a residence for every business in America. It creates a beautiful city skyline.

Bridges : 

Bridges Bridges have allowed cross-country transportation to take place for centuries.

Roads, Highways & Causeways : 

Roads, Highways & Causeways Roads, Highways and Causeways have been an integral part or organizing our transportation system in America.

References : 

References Bing Images

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