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Our Fox Memories!

Kindergarten- where it all started! : 

Kindergarten- where it all started!

Our 1st Fun Day : 

Our 1st Fun Day

Slide 5: 

Kindergarten Completion

Slide 6: 

Already in Staring roles and only in 1st grade!

100’s Day-- we can count to 100! : 

100’s Day-- we can count to 100!

Slide 9: 

1st Grade Friends

Slide 10: 

1st Grade Concert

Slide 11: 

2nd Grade Concert

Slide 12: 

4th Grade Concert

Slide 13: 

5th Grade Concert

Slide 14: 

The Science Olympiad Stars!

1st day of 5th Grade : 

1st day of 5th Grade

Slide 17: 

Thanksgiving Feast

Slide 19: 

Making Mr. Crunchies Awesome Munchies!

Slide 20: 

Oakland University Visits

Slide 21: 

Fox Trot

Recorder- Practice, Practice, Practice! : 

Recorder- Practice, Practice, Practice!

Fun day 2010! : 

Fun day 2010!

Slide 28: 

A Keepsake from the 5th grade class and Mrs. Hathaway!

Planting to help keep the planet green! : 

Planting to help keep the planet green!

The Art of Weaving : 

The Art of Weaving

Safety Patrol : 

Safety Patrol

Slide 36: 

5th Grade Service Squad

Slide 37: 

Broadcast Team

Lunch time : 

Lunch time

Rockets- I love Science! : 

Rockets- I love Science!

Slide 40: 

Ready for Launch!

Visiting Santa : 

Visiting Santa

Christmas Sing-a-long : 

Christmas Sing-a-long

3rd grade fun : 

3rd grade fun

Valentine’s Day was Sweet! : 

Valentine’s Day was Sweet!

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Slide 48: 

Floor Hockey

Slide 50: 

Good Friends

Slide 52: 

Trick or Treating at the Nursing home!

Slide 54: 

Going to the movies with Mrs. Tatum- Yeah!!

3rd grade Zoo fun! : 

3rd grade Zoo fun!

Slide 56: 

Showing off our Dr. Seuss Hats!

Frog Fun at Fun Day! : 

Frog Fun at Fun Day!

Bowling In 4th grade- what a ball! : 

Bowling In 4th grade- what a ball!

4th grade Canoe Trip : 

4th grade Canoe Trip

4-Square Anyone? : 

4-Square Anyone?

Sheepshank Sam : 

Sheepshank Sam

Slide 63: 

Egg Drop

Colonial Days : 

Colonial Days

Colonial games : 

Colonial games

Slide 67: 

Our 1 mile run for Gym – running is fun!

Running Club 2010! : 

Running Club 2010!

Leaf painting : 

Leaf painting

Slide 70: 

Going to Court

Slide 72: 


Fox Pride : 

Fox Pride

Slide 75: 

It’s Honey Time!

Slide 76: 

Pumpkin Exploration

Slide 77: 

Making Gingerbread Houses

Slide 79: 

Mrs. Bletch’s Class

Slide 80: 

Mrs. Fanelli’s Class

Slide 81: 

Mrs. O’Brien’s Class

Thanks to all the Teachers and Staff at Fox Elementary for all the wonderful memories!

To the Fifth Grade Students: You are the Stars of the Future… Wishing you the best of luck in Middle School!

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