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Visa 186 for Australia is really useful for a skilled professionals. When you are applying for it, you need to have an idea of 186 visa checklist and more. Visit for more info : http://www.adelaidemigrationagent.com.au/visa/186-visa-decision-ready-processing-time/


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Learn About 186 Visa 186 Visa Checklist and Processing Time Australia is such a beautiful country. Its no surprise that folks wish to immigrate to the country or perhaps simply to pay a visit for some days. However its not invariably simple to obtain a visa and permission to enter Australia. There is this whole visa process that may sound overwhelming to you. You need to have a really excellent guide who cans more or less walk you through the procedure and prepare you for actual application of the visa. This blog will help you understand the immigration procedure for Australia and particularly about Visa 186 together with 186 visa checklist. Migrating to Australia Australia is a fine country to live in. With breathtaking natural picturesque beauties sunny climate and uniquely amazing wildlife Australia is a haven for nature lovers. And it is not just nature here. You will find vast cities here that boast a relishing lifestyle with the numerous opportunities for both the natives and immigrants. Some Australian jobs are even better paying than in the USA or the UK. If you are considering migrating to Australia you must first need to understand the procedure of migration – everything before and after the application. Selecting a visa The first and really important step in immigration to Australia is selecting the visa. There are many options for you but you have to select the one that fits you the best. A category of visa has a particular visa which is called a subclass. Some visas have further specification as the stream. You have to select the one perfectly so that you might not get stuck in the process. Some of these visas are: 1. Student Visa 2. Worker Visa 3. Parent Visa 4. Partner Visa While there are many work visa options this blog will specifically explain you the work visa for Australia subclass 186. Visa 186 Visa 186 is a permanent work visa for individuals who wish to move to Australia as a skilled professional and have been nominated by and offered a permanent role by an Australian employer. That is why it is named as the Employer Nomination Scheme ENS. One thing to remember is that the job under which you have applied must fall into the official list of skilled occupations of Australia.

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What the visa lets you do You can also include your family members the dependents into your visa application. The visa 186 lets you and any family members who have also been granted this visa to:  Stay in Australia permanently  Work in Australia on a skilled job  Study in Australia you and your family  Enrol your family in Medicare Government’s scheme for medical expenses  Sponsor eligible family members and relatives for permanent residence visas  Apply for Australian Citizenship when you become eligible for it  Travel in and out of Australia for up to 5 years from the grant of this visa Eligibility criteria for Visa 186 Visa applicants in all streams must show that they satisfy the given criteria including that they:  possess the required skill level to hold out the duties and responsibilities of the appointed position  meet age requirements under 45 years of age at the time of application  meet English language needs most probably IELTS score  hold registration or relevant licenses to work in their appointed occupation if registration and licensing is needed for them to work in their position in Australia  meet health and character necessities Please note that the requirements mentioned above are not final. Other criteria may apply depending on the occupation for which you are applying. It is better to contact a registered migration agent Adelaide for more details. Required documents Below is the 186 visa checklist that tells you the documents required for obtaining the Visa 186.  Application form duly filled and signed  Identity documents of all the persons included in the application  Copies of biological pages of the passport  Evidence of relevant skills and work experience  Proof of English language competency  Character certificate issued by the local police or magistrate Processing time As this a permanent visa the processing time is mostly long. According to the department the 186 visa decision ready processing time is about 15 months for the Direct Stream and 10

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months for the Temporary Residence Transition Stream. Obviously this may go even higher if the visa is applied at the peak time. There are certain technicalities associated with visa application which might be difficult for you to understand and manage on your own. To understand the process you can book a Migration Agent Adelaide free consultation and get your queries resolved.

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