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If You want to know about Everything Australian 186 Visa. Read this full blog. 186 visas (ENS) Employee National Scheme, is for international workers who wish to immigrate permanently to Australia and have been offered a permanent status by a business in Australia. Fore more info Visit : http://www.adelaidemigrationagent.com.au/


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Everything about Australian 186 Visa A sub-class 186 visas ENS Employee National Scheme is for international workers who wish to immigrate permanently to Australia and have been offered a permanent status by a business in Australia There are three streams or routes that you can take to get an ENS 186 visa. The person interested in applying should only select one of these streams and ensure that he meets the requirements of the stream before submitting. There are three streams: 1. Direct Entry 2. Temporary accommodation transit 3. Compromise stream Direct entry flow: To receive the ENS 186 through the Direct Entry Stream you must:  Nominated by your employer under this section  A person who has never worked in Australia for some time or in Australia or  A temporary resident who is not eligible for visa under temporary housing transition section The Direct Entry stream requires stringent skill assessment and the efficiency of English compared to the other two streams. Temporary residence transition current: This stream is for those people who:  Presently grasp a 457 visa and  Worked under 457 visa for two years  Being nominated for permanent status by the same employer Those who are under the labor agreement they are not eligible to apply through this section. Key eligibility requirements for visas 186: Visa applicants and employers will be required to meet several important requirements including the following important requirements to obtain 186 visas:  Employers will need to meet training benchmark requirements which usually means that they must provide training to their Australian citizens and permanent resident employees  If the visa applicant is applying under the temporary accommodation transition section the applicant must complete the full-time work as 457 visa holders.  The role that is designated for the visa applicant needs to be aligned with a qualified business on the consolidated sponsored business listing  Visa applicants must meet the English requirement for this visa or any of the available discounts. Please note that the requirements listed above are not the only requirement that the visa applicant and the employer/sponsor need to be satisfied to receive the 186 visa. Outline the above important requirements It is important to note that there will be significant changes being implemented in the sub-standard 186 visa. To get more information about employer enrolment plans ENS 186 and to discuss Visa 186 Checklist contact us through Migration Agent Adelaide .

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