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Brent’s groundbreaking strengths program will help you grow stronger, work smarter, and live richer! The Discover Your Strengths Tele-Bootcamp contains 8 audio CDs and a bonus 150-page companion eBook, both designed and written by Brent, that will help you and your organization… * Assess, discover and play to your top 5 strengths * Learn the colorful history of the strengths movement * Gain tools and exercises to free strengths and stop weaknesses * Dig deeper into each strength with Brent’s coaching system * Harness leaders, teams, and strengths like dog sledding * Grasp the 34 strengths researched in Strength Finders 2.0


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DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS TELE-BOOT CAMP “Life is like a combination lock; when you get the right numbers in the right order you unlock your potential.” - Brian Tracy DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS


KEYS TO GET YOU MOVING Awareness/confidence Language for strengths Balance weaknesses Job promotion Relationships/family - Brenda Orgel KEYS TO GET YOU MOVING


STRENGTHS MOVEMENT BEGINS “It is as if Freud supplied us the sick half of psychology and we must now fill it out with the healthy half. There are two faces of human nature—the sick and the healthy—so there should be two faces of psychology.” - Toward a Psychology of Being , 1968 STRENGTHS MOVEMENT BEGINS


NEEDS and PEAK EXPERIENCES “Peak experiences are transient moments of self-actualization.” - Abraham Maslow 13 characteristics of self-actualizing people NEEDS AND PEAK EXPERIENCES


BIRTH OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY “Psychology is half baked.” - 1998 APA Speech DSM & Character Strengths BIRTH OF POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY


STRENGTHS FINDER REVOLUTION Dr. Donald Clifton Father of Strengths Psychology Designed Strengths Finder Gallup Poll Research Take your assessment at . STRENGTHS FINDER REVOLUTION


STRENGTHS MOVEMENT STRONGER Strengths Finder 2.0 Strengths Based Leadership Go Put Your Strengths to Work 3 Myths and Truths 1. Your personality changes over time. 2. You will grow the most in your areas of greatest weakness. 3. A good team member does whatever it takes to help the team. STRENGTHS MOVEMENT STRONGER


WHAT IS A STRENGTH ? S = SUCCESS 1. I have success in this area. 2. People tell me I have a gift. 3. I have won prizes for this gift. I = INSTINCT 4. I do this every day. 5. I often volunteer for this. 6. This activity is a gut reaction. TALENT KNOWLEDGE SKILL WHAT IS A STRENGTH?


WHAT IS A STRENGTH ? G = GROWTH 7. I learn this activity quickly. 8. I love thinking about this gift. 9. I can’t wait to learn more. N = NEEDS 10. I’m eager for this activity. 11. I have fun doing this activity. 12. This activity satisfies me. TALENT KNOWLEDGE SKILL WHAT IS A STRENGTH?


WHAT IS A WEAKNESS ? S = Lack of SUCCESS 1. I have little success in this activity. 2. People tell me to improve. 3. I have won no prizes for this gift. I = Lack of INSTINCT 4. I look to avoid this activity. 5. I often volunteer others. 6. I have to force myself to do it. TALENT KNOWLEDGE SKILL WHAT IS A WEAKNESS?


WHAT IS A WEAKNESS ? G = Lack of GROWTH 7. I learn this activity slowly. 8. This activity bores me. 9. Performance is minimal. N = Lack of NEEDS 10. This activity is draining. 11. I cringe when doing this activity. 12. I’m happy never doing this. TALENT KNOWLEDGE SKILL WHAT IS A WEAKNESS?


DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS EXERCISE I feel strong when… I feel weak when… I loved it when… I loathed it when… “Turn the BEST of your life into the MOST of your life.” DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTHS EXERCISE


FREE YOUR STRENGTHS F FOCUS (Identify how this strength helps) R RELEASE (Look for missed opportunities) E EDUCATE (Learn new skills & techniques) E EXPAND ( Build your life around strengths) FREE YOUR STRENGTHS


STOP YOUR WEAKNESSES S STOP (Quit doing this activity) T TEAM UP (Partner with others who balance) O OFFER UP (Volunteer & steer strengths) P PERCEIVE (Tackle weakness with strengths) STOP YOUR WEAKNESSES


DIGGING DEEPER INTO STRENGTHS What is the book definition? 3 words/phrases that resonate. How did I develop this strength? How does it help me/others? How can it hinder me/others? What are my action steps? What is my strength motto? What is my strength affirmation? DIG DEEPER INTO STRENGTHS


STRENGTH AFFIRMATIONS Be personal . Start with “I am” or your name. Be present . Use the present tense. Be positive . Say what you want. Be precise . No more than a sentence. Be purposeful . Include an action word with -ing. Be passionate . Include an emotion/feeling word. STRENGTH AFFIRMATIONS


Lead Dogs (Executing) Point Dogs (Strategic) Swing Dog (Influencing) Wheel Dogs (Relationship) HARNESS YOUR STRENGTHS HARNESS YOUR STRENGTHS

EXECUTING (catch ideas & make it happen):

EXECUTING (catch ideas & make it happen) Achiever Arranger Belief Consistency Deliberative Discipline Focus Responsibility Restorative EXECUTING


ACHIEVER Driven to achieve Every day starts at 0 Divine restlessness Whisper of discontent Stamina to work harder Likes certifications New initiatives/projects Doesn't skimp on quality Must build celebration/balance ACHIEVER


ARRANGER Conductor of a symphony Manages all variables Effective flexibility Looks for perfect configuration Great team development Organizes big events Resourceful Communicates/tracks deadlines Bored with routine ARRANGER


BELIEF Strong core values Family-oriented Spiritual/ethical Dependable/trustworthy Gives meaning to work Develops a life purpose statement Looks for more than $$$/prestige Should voice values without being judgmental BELIEF


CONSISTENCY Balance is important Treats people the same Likes clear rules/equality Roots for the underdog Always give credit where credit is due Leads in leveling the playing field Performance/process Internal affairs/compliance CONSISTENCY


DELIBERATIVE Careful/cautious Private/reserved Sees life as a minefield Decreases risks Practical/intuitive Will double check May be seen as negative Rigorous thinker A brake for impulsive types DELIBERATIVE


DISCIPLINE Structure and order Precision and plan Higher need for control Schedules life Lists/time management Creates systems Structured spontaneity Must deal with mistakes gently Needs advance notice/change can be hard DISCIPLINE


FOCUS Where am I headed? Intense concentration Forces you to filter Helps others set goals Reviews goals/purpose Summarizes meetings Prioritizes then act Stays on track Tunnel vision Can be unsentimental \ FOCUS


RESPONSIBILITY Psychological ownership Dependable Gets it done Conscientious High ethics Makes it right for others Must learn to say no Volunteer in your niche Careful being overloaded Top for managers RESPONSIBILITY


RESTORATIVE Loves to solve problems Energized by problems Practical, conceptual or personal Should become the expert Brings things back to life Keen observations Fixer/balance with self Overly self-critical Constant improvement RESTORATIVE

STRATEGIC THINKING (vision for possibility):

STRATEGIC THINKING (vision for possibility) Analytical Context Futuristic Ideation Input Intellection Learner Strategic STRATEGIC THINKING


ANALYTICAL Challenges ideas Backs it up with facts Data and emotions Sees patterns Loves asking questions Get paid to analyze Paralysis by analysis Good partner with activator Responds well to supporting numbers ANALYTICAL


CONTEXT Looks back, not forward Feels that present is unstable Confidence in history Relates through past Honors the past Loves case studies Past predicts future Déjà vu or vuja de ? Feels that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it CONTEXT


FUTURISTIC Looks over the horizon Fascinated by the future Dreamer Energized by tomorrow “Did you think about...” Makes good speaker or... Career coach Thrives in science/technology Good partner with activator FUTURISTIC


IDEATION Fascinated with ideas Loves explaining concepts Interested in new perspectives Contrarian angles The writer on Mona Lisa Designer on furniture Bored quickly Benefits from thinking chair Good partner with analytical Research/development IDEATION


INPUT Mind is a sponge Collects and stores Difficult to throw away “What is my question today?” Loves the Internet Loves Jeopardy/Trivial Pursuit Needs an info storage system Should focus/become expert Can monetize this strength INPUT


INTELLECTION Mental activity Focus depends on other strengths Sometimes lack focus Time alone/enjoys solitary confinement Mental hum Ideas simmer/perk Can do many things at once Like ideas challenged INTELLECTION


LEARNER Loves process of learning Curious about the world Discovers learning style Tracks learning Likes change/novelty Should utilize work-based learning programs Technology competence Can become resident expert LEARNER


STRATEGIC Finds the best route Self-taught What if? Select. Strike. Sees around the corner Sees patterns “What if?” thinking Strategizes your goals Leads with ideas Negativity/naysayer Should be on the front end STRATEGIC

INFLUENCING (selling ideas):

INFLUENCING (selling ideas) Activator Command Communication Competition Maximizer Self-Assurance Significance Woo INFLUENCING


ACTIVATOR “Just do it” person “When can we start?” Believes that action speaks louder than words Stoplight to stoplight Kinesthetic learning Start up, turn around Ready, fire, aim Drill our own gas well Must earn trust/loyalty Right time/place/people ACTIVATOR


COMMAND Take charge person Needs clarity/honesty Asks the questions Strong in crisis/conflict Charismatic presence Breaks bottlenecks Leads/persuades/defends Appreciates straight evaluations Good partner with empathy Should be careful not to overpower COMMAND


COMMUNICATION Likes to explain/express Bring stories/images to life Can have short attention span Wordsmith/speaker/writer Should keep a story/quote file Needs a sounding board Savvy, steak, sizzle Great conversationalist Spokesperson/fee/free COMMUNICATION


COMPETITION Rooted in comparison Needs a yardstick Loves competitors/mentor Competes to win/be best Tiny edge to win Measures achievements Learns from wins/coaches Must learn to handle loss and defeat Should find areas where they can win Must remember to celebrate wins COMPETITION


MAXIMIZER Motivated by excellence Pearl diver/polish pearls Discriminating persona Hates problem-solving or fixing Focuses on strengths and team building Careful of denying weaknesses Good partner with restorative Success and metrics MAXIMIZER


SELF-ASSURANCE Likes self-confidence “I am able” mindset Abilities and judgment Likes independence Aura of certainty Doesn’t second guess Starts up with no rule book Contagious/self-righteous Sets ambitious goals Keel of a ship SELF-ASSURANCE


SIGNIFICANCE Wants to be recognized Seeks approval Thrives onstage Goal-oriented Wants to stand out with excellence/reputation Can err towards talk > action Fears failure Aware of what people think Wants the ball SIGNIFICANCE


WOO Winning others over Meeting and greeting Connects with strangers “All my taxi drivers propose to me.” Finds common ground Humor/light hearted Helps reserved people Bores easily WOO

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING (glue for the team):

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING (glue for the team) Adaptability Developer Connectedness Empathy Harmony Includer Individualization Positivity Relator RELATIONSHIP BUILDING


ADAPTABILITY Lives in the moment One choice at a time Flexible, calm, soothing Can handle sudden demands and detours When to flex/when to be firm “Be prepared” Good partner with focus Adept at quick projects ADAPTABILITY


DEVELOPER Sees potential in all people Alive with possibilities Helps people discover Genuine and fulfilling Should make a people list Thanks personal mentors Mentor in the moment Should avoid over-investing Must recognize personal achievements Should also invest in self DEVELOPER


CONNECTEDNESS Believes that things happen for a reason Feels all people are connected Often possesses strong faith Bridge-builder A bowl of cereal World organizations Community boards Helps improve communication Great team builder CONNECTEDNESS


EMPATHY Emotional thermometer Sees the world through others' eyes Gives voice to emotions Attracts friends Feels the crowd or team Bleeding heart Should watch for burnout Senses what’s missing Confidante who builds trust EMPATHY


HARMONY HARMONY Looks for agreement Dislikes conflict Tends to guard feelings Stays practical “We are all in the same boat” Peacemaker Doesn’t like debate Can be taken advantage of Carefrontation techniques “Don't rock the boat”


INCLUDER Stretches the circle wider Hates outside looking in Accepting and non-judgmental Can pick up strays Helps new people Finds new markets Networking magic Partner during conflict Draws people in sharing INCLUDER


INDIVIDUALIZATION One-of-a-kind stories Observes others' strengths Focuses on uniqueness Little balloons over head Ability to personalize Speaking or coaching Should explore own strengths Treats each person differently Understanding team builder No Maybe Yes INDIVIDUALIZATION


POSITIVITY Generous smile/praise Lighthearted/humor/play Passion and energy Focuses on what is right Commonly misperceived as naïve Makes special events come alive Insulated from negativity Not always in good mood Helps people who need a spark POSITIVITY


RELATOR Selective relationships Genuine and depth Cautious at first, then trusts Looks for excuses for getting together Fueled by friendships Interested in person, not status or job title Workplace friendship Loyal, trustworthy, share RELATOR

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