How Pool Pumps and Pool Filters Work


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Describes the importance and the usage of Pool Pumps and Pool Filters.


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Pumps and Filters : 

Pumps and Filters How Pumps and Filters Work

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No swimming pool can be complete without its own pump and filter system. A swimming pool is basically a large vat of stagnant water that if not circulated properly, will just end up getting spoiled and dirty. It is the job of pool pumps and pool filters to circulate the pool water and filter away the debris in it so that it will not have to be replaced every so often.

Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters : 

Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

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The pool pumps and pool filters work in conjunction with each other and both play a very vital role in the maintenance of the swimming pool. The type of pump and filter needed will depend however on the size of the swimming pool; larger pools will need more powerful pumps and larger filters. Getting the appropriate pump and filter, teamed with proper maintenance, will ensure the good conditioning of your swimming pool.

Pool Pumps : 

Pool Pumps Pool pumps consume a lot of energy. To be on the safe side, opt for one that is a bit larger than what is recommended for your swimming pool. Pumps consume more energy when they work harder. Using a larger pump for smaller pools will not cause the pump to work at its highest capacity therefore allowing it to consume less energy. Not overworking the pump will also allow its functionality to last longer. Do not however, get a pump that is too large for the volume of your pool because it will end up consuming too much energy as well.

Pool Filters : 

Pool Filters The pool filters remove dirt in the water as it is circulated by the pumps. No matter how great your pump is, all it will do is circulate the water. The water won’t get cleaned at all without the filter. The functionality of a pool filter will depend on how worn out and dirty it is. This emphasizes the importance of regularly cleaning your pool filter because as it accumulates more and more dirt from the water, its capacity to gather more is significantly reduced. Pool filters usually include pressure indicators that will determine whether you filter already needs cleaning or replacement. Increased water pressure in the filter is an indication that you already need to clean or replace your cartridge.

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Be sure to get the right filters and pumps for your pool to ensure the longer lasting functionality of these equipment. Aquarite Products

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