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Photos of Memories Part A 2007 ~ Part B 2008 ~ Part C 2009 ~ Part D 2010 Part A 2008 ~ Part B 2009 ~ Part C 2010 ~ Part D 2011


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NCC Air Change Of Command2010 : 

NCC Air Change Of Command2010

ALPHA 2007 ~ CHARLIE 2009 : 

ALPHA 2007 ~ CHARLIE 2009 We were kids… Now we’re leaders

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Birthday Boy Sharrveish ~Diam!~ 3 Years Ago…

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We took over…

DELTA 2010 ~CHARLIE 2010 : 

DELTA 2010 ~CHARLIE 2010 We step down… Our Successors are ready…

Sergeant Majors! : 

Sergeant Majors!

Part C Platoon Training Team : 

Part C Platoon Training Team Charlie 2010 Delta 2010

Part B Platoon Training Team : 

Part B Platoon Training Team Charlie 2010: Delta 2010:

Part A Platoon Training Team : 

Part A Platoon Training Team Delta 2010: Charlie 2010:

Administration Team : 

Administration Team Delta 2010: Charlie 2010:

Logistics Team : 

Logistics Team Delta 2010: Charlie 2010:

Aeromodelling Team : 

Aeromodelling Team Delta 2010: Charlie 2010:

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Physical Instructors: Part C 2010 Freestyle Drill Instructor:

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To the outgoing Part D cadets, There were times when I questioned aloud or otherwise whether you were sufficiently prepared to be leaders, there were failure to deliver expected results and there were blunders, but I am very glad to note that you never gave up despite the failure and the blunders, pushing through to the end. That takes courage and perseverance. Thanks for allowing me to scold and correct you even when it was really unreasonable of me to do so. I wish you all the best in your O & N Levels and your future endeavours!! LTA Fandrie Koh Teacher

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To Our Dearest Sec 4 Leaders of Today It has been a joy knowing you people and see how you people have grown from a noisy bunch of primary 6 and half in 2007 to a group of fine young men and servant leaders today. Though it was frustrating at times working with you people when you are so slow in responding. That, however, is down in memory lane and it will be history. It is indeed a learning experience for me and for you as well (i hope).   I am happy to be here with you and join you in your passing out. It is my sincere wishes that you will be able to prove yourselves in the coming GCE 'N' and 'O' level examination and soar like the eagle that is always within you.

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Remember "God grant us the serenity to accept the things that we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference."   Thank you Seniors, thank you my boys. Veni Vidi Vici (We Came, We Saw, We Conquer) CPT Tuang F.Y Teacher

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Dear DELTA 2010, It’s been a pleasure journeying together with all of you the past 3 & 1/2 years! I’ve definitely learnt a lot from it and always enjoyed myself whenever I’m with all of you. The road was not smooth but we stuck together through thick and thin and managed to prove that we’re worthy to take over the unit. I want to thank all of you for always enduring my nagging (especially when its over the phone!) & my long-winded sms-es about trainings and meetings. Thank you for coming for trainings, be it when we were still juniors or after we’ve became seniors as your presence definitely made a difference. Thank you for willing to put in the effort to improve some of the unit’s practice and for all the fun and hardships that we shared together. Now that we’ve stepped down, I hope that we will cherish this friendship that we’ve built over the 3 ½ years and may we continue to remain friends. All the best for ‘O’ & ‘N’ Levels and future endeavours!

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Dear CHARLIE 2010, HEY KIDDOS! The day’s finally here huh? I would like to congratulate every single one of you for enduring the hardships and rejoicing together for all of your appointments! As the journey of being juniors end today, the journey of being seniors start now! Do remember everything that the past seniors have taught you for they are of sentimental value. Do not be afraid of making mistakes for they are the greatest opportunity of learning something new. Impart knowledge and proper values to the juniors and I encourage every single one of you seniors, to go the extra mile and make a difference in their NCC life. Being called to be servant leaders, lead by example and be a good role model! With your enthusiasm, I’m sure you will do a good job in running the unit and improve trainings for the juniors! Remember, you can always approach me for any help. Best wishes for your future endeavours. God Bless ASM Sam 4E1

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Hey guys. Firstly, to all the part Cs. Congratulations! You guys are now leaders of today. I just want to wish you guys all the best after taking over to run the NCC AIR unit. Remember to do what is right for your cadets and not what is popular among them. Do not let a little setback befall you, but instead, take it as a learning opportunity. For the Part Bs, I hope you have enjoyed NCC AIR as a bravo cadet. Bravo life is usually the most boring among all the other periods in NCC. You guys are going to be Part C soon, which then on, you will eventually take over as leaders. Do learn the ropes from your new training team and apply them once you have taken over. Always be optimistic and treat NCC as a place to learn and to bond with partmates and laugh, have fun and go through tough times together. Always remember our motto we had “UNITY, PERSERVERNCE, PRIDE”

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For the Part As, although you guys are still new in NCC, everyone have leadership qualities instilled in them. So I’m sure that one day, you guys would be shaped and formed into leaders. And to my partmates, THANK YOU guys for all the fun and laughter we gone through for the past 4 years of our life in secondary.(dancing, taopoking, doing push-ups, sit-ups, leopard crawl, running, seeing each other’s bodies when changing and many other activities) We went through thick and thin together. It’s not about the quantity, but it’s about the quality. And I’m sure we are all seen as the latter one. Although some of our NCC journeys have ended here, I’m sure that we would still be friends forever. DELTA 2010!!!! SKYHIGHHHHH!!!

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Lastly, to the teachers, you are the people who were behind the scenes who made us successful. You are the people always supporting us from the back. You are the people always there to help So I like to thank you guys for shaping us to what we are today. Have a great 2010 year. Peace  SSG Ronald 4E5 I want to thank NCC air for all the experiences and lessons it taught us. I wish the part C’s all the best as they write a new chapter in NCC air’s history. 1SG Glen 4E2

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I would like to thank all my partmates and teachers: Mr Tan, Ms Koh, Mr Tuang and Mr Fazlin. Without all of you my journey in NCC air would not have been possible. All of our teachers in charge have been, and still are our roots of our development. Thanks a lot teachers. For the future leaders aka Part C’s: A chunk of coal may be invaluable but under high heat and pressure it becomes a priceless diamond. Believe it or not I see that chunk of coal in everyone of you guys, u hope you know what to do next, and always remember a good leader always serves first. 1SG Ruban 4E3

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Dear Fellow cadets,Joining NCC air is truly one of the greatest decisions that I made back in 2007. I still remember, back at the CCA fair, I had no intention to join this CCA at all! Honestly, I only joined NCC air because I saw most of my friends doing so. (Dare not say this in front of the teachers till today, after I pass out) However, since I got into NCC, it was truly a whole new experience for me. Push-ups, scolding, drills - everything was alien to me. I can’t even remember how I survived to get to Part C. But amazingly, what I think of my experience in NCC for the 3 years now, is positive, fun, worthwhile and unforgettable. Being in NCC taught me a lot of things, but most importantly it taught me to accept all kinds of people, especially in my platoon. There are people in my platoon who makes up for my weaknesses as I do so for them too and because of that, whatever we accomplish, may be unexpected, but good and positive. I truly enjoyed my life in NCC air. It is like an experience you can’t get from normal sports CCA or with your friends made outside.

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Till today, I will not regret the decision I made back in 2007. All I can say is that, no matter how unfit, weak or a misfit we think we are, we are short of just one thing that distant us from being truly happy & in control of our lives, and that is our MINDSET. Hence, my advice to all Fellow NCC cadet is, it’s not because you’re weak, a misfit or yourself, it’s definitely not NCC, but it’s your mindset that changes everything in your world, so try standing at another perspective and it’ll turn out different in the way you see things, the way you feel about NCC. To the part Cs, I can see everyone of you is unique and different, all of you have weaknesses and flaws, but you also have merits. With unity, you guys will be strong and may even be perfect. I’m sure you guys will overcome any problems ahead. I wish you guys everlasting unity and perseverance.

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Most importantly, I want to thank my part for giving me unforgettable memories and an experience which was unknown to me before, which is unity. I hope we will all do well in ‘O’ and ‘N’ levels. I also hope that we may remember each other and how we shared the 3 yrs + together. Good Luck! 1SG Brendan 4E5 I would like to thank all seniors for teaching us, correcting our mistakes and encouraging us to strive for the best. I would especially like to thank Encik Samuel who has really taken the effort to mould us into the way we are today and always willing to help us with any problems we have. Lastly, on behalf of my whole part, I would like to wish all the seniors best of luck for their ‘O’ levels and ‘N’ levels. Mohamed Faraaz 3E1

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THE END The end of a chapter… but only the beginning of new one…

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