Breagan's Natural Hair Journey

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Last Relaxer: December 2010. All Natural: July 2012. I long-term-transitioned for a year and a half. Hope this encourages you.


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Breagan’s Natural Hair Journey:

Breagan’s Natural Hair Journey

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I am going natural because I want to embrace my god-given state of hair w/out chemical manipulation that stunts its growth and hides its true texture . I realize this decision may puzzle some and offend others, but this decision is my own. Therefore, I am willing to accept whatever decides to grow from my scalp because I love who I am, and who I am purposed to be. My Motivational Transitioning Statement

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The Relaxed Days

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Transitioning Days

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17 Months Post Relaxer

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All Natural Days!!!

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And the point of it all is that You can do It! Go Natural , you won’t regret it.

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