Monsoon Health Tips- Mosquito Protection for Kids

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Monsoon Health Tips: Mosquito Protection for Kids Mommy Zone February 5 2019 Rainy season – don’t we all wait for it The pleasant aroma and sudden chill after 3 months of scorching summer we all love it especially kids Jumping in mucky puddles and making paper boat we bet you are suddenly missing your childhood after reading this. But the rains also are an open invitation for mosquitoes. The pesky insects that sting us to suck our blood and leave us with rashes and something worst – the diseases You must be wondering “How do I protect my child from the mosquitoes insects” Well why fear when we are here Team Goodknight is always striving to keep your child safe from the mosquito distress. Here are few things to keep an eye for:

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1. Check the surroundings: It is important to keep a thorough check of the inside and outside surroundings. If there is a dumping ground or any filth lying for a long time in your neighboring area that is sure to become the breeding abode for the mosquitoes. The municipal authorities have to be informed about the same immediately to avoid the mosquito menace. If you have a garden in your balcony ensure that are no unwanted outgrowths. Also any dampness in the house will invite more insects. So get all leakages if any fixed immediately. 2. Regular bath: Having bath twice a day is always a good habit. Sweat invites mosquitoes and allergies. Hence once in the morning and in the evening a shower is very much important. Make sure the child’s underarms neck genitalia are washed properly as these are the sweatiest areas of the body. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after that. Dry skin can cause more allergies and rashes. 3. Mosquito repellants: A good non-sticky mosquito cream is very important to soothe the pesky mosquito stings. Our Goodknight cool gel does the job absolutely right will keep the child mosquito-free for 8 hours and is absolutely safe as certified by the pediatricians. 4. Using essential oils: Using essential oils like Citronella or eucalyptus also helps in keeping the pests at bay. Their strong aroma is what the pests hate. Add few drops in the water and swab the house. Not only will your house smell pleasant but there will be no sign of the mosquitoes. 5. Light coloured clothes: It’s a fact dark colored clothes attract mosquitoes as they can’t be easily seen. Covering your child with light colored clothes to keep them safe. 6. Table fan: Keep a table fan where your child is sitting. Mosquitoes avoid going near breezy places. 7. Keeping the doors windows closed in the evenings: While keeping windows closed in the evenings can be a bit claustrophobic we suggest putting nets on your windows so that you can not only enjoy some breeze but also keep mosquitoes away. These were some measures for mosquito protection that you can start following immediately. Most of these as you can see are very hygiene oriented and maintaining good hygiene is the least that you can do to keep mosquitoes at bay. Children are more prone to diseases due to their resistance levels and as parents’ it is our duty to take the right measures. If you feel we have missed something do write back to us

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