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Brandon Sacia comes with Eleven years of experience in the Real Estate business and more than $80,000,000 + in transactions. At the age of 22, Brandon Sacia started his own real estate investment company


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Sun moves across the sky throughout the day. In reality , however , the sun is stationary and it is the earth is moving. The earth, like all other planets in the solar system, has 2 kinds of motion. It spins on its axis and it goes around the sun along a fixed path, called its orbit. Motions of the Earth

Effects of rotation :

Effects of rotation Rotation of the earth has following effects Occurrence of day and night Sunrise in the east and sunset in the west Deflecting of winds and ocean currents Flattening of the earth at the poles and bulging at the equators Occurrence of tides twice a day Its gift 24 hours Since the earth rotate from west to east, the heavenly bodies seems to move from east to west

Revolution :

Revolution The movement of the earth around the sun along a fix path is called revolution. Earth revolves around the sun in anticlockwise direction. It takes 365 days and 6 hours to complete one revolution and this time is considered to be 1 year Effects of revolution Revolution of the earth has the following effects; Variation in length of days and nights. Distribution of heat over the earth Occurrence of seasons.


seasons 21 june 23 sept 22 dec 21 march Tilt of Northern hemisphere is Towards the sun Away from the sun Tilt of southern hemisphere is Away from the sun Towards the sun Sun is vertically overhead at Tropic of cancer Equator Tropic of capricorn Equator Northern hemisphere Has summer Has autumn Has winter Has spring Southern hemispher Has winter Has spring Has summer Hs autumn Len gth of days/night Northern hemisphere has longer days; southern hemisphere has shorter days Equal length of day/night throughout the earth Northern hemisphere has shorter days southern hemisphere has longer days Equal length of day/night throughout the earth

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