Brandon Rodammer - Worked as a General Manager at Cafe Vecino

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Brandon Rodammer has the potential to manage the price of food and generate revenues as a general manager which shows his brilliant management abilities. To know more about him visit his official site


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Brandon Rodammer “ Construction/Window Specialist at Hartzell Construction and Renovation | Former General Manager at Cafe Vecino | Former Inside Sales Manager/Warehouse Manager at South Florida Windows & Doors “

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Brandon Rodammer is an exceptional project manager contributing this industry since 1998. He is quite industrious in terms of project management and leadership styles.

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B Brandon L Rodammer is known for his exceptional abilities that include interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills. He has outstanding aura through which he influences and persuades his clients.

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Brandon Lee Rodammer developed and implemented new business development plan, which comprised of calling on customers and prospects; creating strong relationships in the community.

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He trains and prepares his subordinates with great effort as well. He is a notable door and window specialist too.

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In August 1998, Brandon L Rodammer got his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications from the University of central Florida. He is an advocate of a strong connection with clients and multitasking potentials.

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Brandon Lee Rodammer is known for his unparalleled attitude towards project finances. His brilliant expertise and vast ranging experience have made him manage the budgets and the time frames of the provided project.

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