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Brandon L Rodammer is known for his incredible communication skills and customer services. Brandon L Rodammer has worked for a number of reputed organizations and has productively expanded and retained new customers. Find out more about him at his official site


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Brandon Rodammer Construction/Window Specialist at Hartzell Construction and Renovation | Former General Manager at Cafe Vecino

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Brandon Rodammer is determined about using his sales experience, customer service, and communication skills, as well as my networking abilities to create a great network. He has mentored a number of people through his unmatched mentoring skills.

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Brandon Lee Rodammer is known for his excellent sales, service, and cross-selling experience. He has superior interpersonal, analytical, and organizational skills and is known for great multitasking capability and energetic individual.

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Brandon L Rodammer got his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications from the University of Central Florida in August 1998. He is a supporter of a strong connection with clients.

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Brandon Lee Rodammer has strong customer relationship management abilities and he surely knows how to manage his work. His ability to develop a plan and conveying it to his team is unsurpassed.

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Brandon Rodammer is known for his strong ability to yield results in a team environment and individually utilize a “take charge” attitude with self-motivation and commitment.

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Brandon L Rodammer has strong capability to coach and train individuals to develop and employ sales skills.

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THANK YOU To know more about him visit his official site

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