Environmental Issues and Related Problem

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A powerpoint presentation about environmental issues and problem.


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Environmental Issues and Related Problems : 

Presented by: Mr. ShERWIN B. Zapatero, MAT Science Science Teacher Little flower high school Environmental Issues and Related Problems

Pollution : 

Pollution Undesirable change in the physical, chemical and biological condition of the environment. Pollutants – substances that makes environment undesirable to live.

Effects: : 

Effects: Formation of dark cloud in the sky that may cause eye and throat irritation. Cause impaired lung function Causes nausea and headache in human. Cause damage to trees and various crops.

Air Related Problems: : 

Air Related Problems: Photochemical Smog – caused by exhaust of vehicles, factories and industries. Smog – combination of smoke and fog. The hotter the day, the higher the level of pollutants in the atmosphere because of the reaction promoted by sunlight. Causes: Pollutants from the exhaust of vehicles and factory smoke – stacks and incomplete burning of hydrocarbon.

2. Thermal Inversion: : 

2. Thermal Inversion: Causes: A layer of dense, cool polluted air cannot rise to a layer of less dense, warm air above it. Effects: Accumulation of air pollutants near the ground level. Intensified smog levels Increased health hazards to humans.

3. Acid rain or Acid Deposition : 

3. Acid rain or Acid Deposition Causes: Oxides of nitrogen and sulfur combine with water vapor in the atmosphere to form acid that are deposited at or near the earth’s surface in the form of rain.

Effects: : 

Effects: Makes soil more acidic than normal Acidic solutions dissolve toxic metals that can leach in the soil and bodies of water. Causes defoliation and stunted growth of plant roots. Kills marine life. Damages buildings and other structures; corrodes metals and artifacts.

Slide 8: 

Contaminates both surface and ground water supplies. Aggravates many human respiratory disease that may lead to premature death.

4. Greenhouse Effect : 

4. Greenhouse Effect Causes: Build up of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, NO, CFCs) that absorb and trap heat energy in the lower atmosphere. Increased level of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning. Allows ultraviolet radiation to enter earth but traps infrared radiation in the lower atmosphere.

Effects: : 

Effects: High atmospheric temperature (global warming) causes major climatic changes that disrupt natural ecosystem of many plants and animals. Melting of polar ice cap and glaciers which increase the sea level and flood low – lying coastal lands. Causes water to evaporate faster from soil that would result to drought and low productivity in both water and soil environment.

5. Ozone Depletion: : 

5. Ozone Depletion: Causes: Widespread of CFCs (freons) and halonswhich remain chemically unchanged in the atmosphere. When bombarded by ultraviolet radiation, CFCs and the halons degrade and release and bromine atoms respectively, that crystalyze the breakd down of stratospheric ozone.

Effects: : 

Effects: High incidence of eye cataract and skin cancer, and suppression of human immune or defense against infectious disease. Decline in crop production.


REFERENCE: REFERENCE: Science and Technology 1 by Estrellita A. Madriaga et. al

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