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The WordPress plug-ins are not only responsible for displaying YouTube videos in the gallery, but they also help in optimizing video loading for speed and the SEO. http://www.brandexplainers.com/


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Top 7 Fun WordPress Video Plug-ins :

Top 7 Fun WordPress Video Plug-ins Video Explainer Company Brand Explainers Brandexplainers.com

Introduction :

Introduction The trending online video market is flooded with a miscellany of video WordPress Plug-ins. Brandexplainers.com You might want to study the characteristics of different WP Plug-ins available, based on your business and the respective preferences. From a long list of WordPress log-ins, we have picked out 7 best WordPress video plug-ins for your site. Read on and explore them.

Brid TV :

BrID TV is more than a video plug-in . Brandexplainers.com Brid TV Its main features include YouTube integration, a streamlined video library, mobile SDK integration and other cool options. This easy to customize plug-in allows you to set-up monetization. It also features a nifty live preview of a video or playlist.

Elite Video player:

This particular WordPress Video plug-in allows you to self-host videos . Brandexplainers.com Brandexplainers.com Elite Video player This self- hosting includes YouTube and Vimeo videos. The platform supports ads and importing playlists. Works smoothly on all browsers and devices.

Visual Composer Addon :

This handy HTML5 video player is available in two variants: Right side playlist and bottom bar playlist . Brandexplainers.com Visual Composer Addon The plug-in also has a parameter that can enable or disable responsive behavior. The plug-in supports .MP4 and .WEBM videos.


Brandexplainers.com The plug-in is built on top of the default WordPress 3.6 Media Player. Progression Player It features video playlists. It also supports audio playlists and high resolution displays such as the Macbook Pro with Retina Display, iPhones and iPads . Progression player is optimized for Desktop, mobile and tablet.


Brandexplainers.com This plug-in helps you administrate the video player by utilizing a simple and easy to use interface . Vimeo Video Player Vimeo Video Player comes with assortment of options and features including customization of the player’s look and feel, playlist and CSS file.


This power point presentation is curated by the experts of Brand Explainers to help you pick out the best plug-in out of some of the known WordPress video gallery plug-ins. Brandexplainers.com Explainer Video Production Company Brand Explainers www.brandexplainers.com

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