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LinkedIn has become the most dominant tool for online professional networking. Learn how your brand can effectively leverage LinkedIn to achieve its marketing goals. This article provides you tricks and tips to boost your LinkedIn community building and management.


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LinkedIn Marketing: Tips and Tricks:

LinkedIn Marketing: Tips and Tricks Presented By- Team BrandAppZ

Why Brands need LinkedIn Marketing?:

Why Brands need LinkedIn Marketing? On Jan 9th 2013 LinkedIn reached a legendary milestone of connecting over 200 million professionals. This clearly highlights the dominance LinkedIn enjoys when it comes to professional networking . Leads generated from LinkedIn have a much higher conversion ratio compared to other social networks The question whether a brand should have LinkedIn presence or not, is extinct. LinkedIn presence is mandatory! For brands with sound strategies for LinkedIn marketing, success can be phenomenon!

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy LinkedIn being a networking tool, success on this platform will depend highly on Community Building Community Management .

Community Building – LinkedIn Ads:

Community Building – LinkedIn Ads In order to create an intuitive presence on LinkedIn, the first and the foremost thing to do is to  build a relevant community on your brand page . This is where the advanced targeting options for LinkedIn ad creation help.  LinkedIn allows you to target based on - Location Company name and company size By job title and job role By industry By seniority

Sample LinkedIn Ad:

Sample LinkedIn Ad

Community Management:

Community Management

LinkedIn Page Management:

LinkedIn Page Management

LinkedIn Page Management:

LinkedIn Page Management Make sure that you update your followers with the latest accomplishments of your company or brand Secondly , it should be supported with links and creative A photograph of receiving an award or a team photograph on completion of a project works wonders on this platform Your LinkedIn brand page is no less than your company profile  

Community Building- LinkedIn Campaigns:

Community Building- LinkedIn Campaigns Unlike  Facebook applications , the LinkedIn API does not allow you to create apps on the site itself However you can use the LinkedIn API to fetch the data and permissions from LinkedIn and conduct a campaign separately on a micro site . This is still helpful as you can use the LinkedIn ads targeting to make sure that the campaign engages the target audience . Also the viral factor in the campaign can ensure that the campaign engages large audience, boosting your return on your marketing spend

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