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Types of Brake Pads You Should Be Aware About :

Types of Brake Pads You Should Be Aware About

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What are BRAKES?

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Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It is the reason why brake pad replacement is a must especially if you have a car or truck or any type of automobile.

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Types of Brake Pads

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The objective of brake pads is to create a mechanical connection between the brake system and drive train

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This is the most expensive type It has ultimate braking ability and don’t cause excessive wear and tear on brake rotors

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type of brake pad is very durable but the durability can lead to premature wear of brake rotors from the strength of the pads

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This type of brake pad is also called organic pads Because it is a natural product, it is very lightweight and produces very little noise when they are pressing against the drum or rotor

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Changing your brake pads to something more performance oriented can be a simple and cheap modification to bring your vehicle’s stopping power

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If you are looking for the proper brakes for your vehicle, you can visit http://brakewarehouse.com .

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