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BrainWorks’ ecommerce recruiters are standard-setters in discovering and hiring exceptional candidates. They have become so successful by combining a wealth of collective experience and expertise with their own practical processes for sourcing STAR talent in a variety of industry specializations, including ecommerce. That combination means that their ecommerce recruiters have not only kept up with the fast-evolving ecommerce industry, but that they can also find you the talent that thrives in it. As crucially important as ecommerce is for financial success in the modern marketplace, choose the ecommerce recruiters that will source and place STAR talent: BrainWorks.


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Speed to Hire: How BrainWorks Quickly Fills Your Open Executive Positions It can take weeks or even months for a poorly optimized recruitment process to fill an executive-level position. If your hiring process takes too long candidates may lose interest or receive another offer. There is a high demand for top executive talent so if you don’t move fast you could be left with mediocre candidates. If for example you need ecommerce recruiters to find you a Vice President of Digital Marketing or a Director of Amazon Marketplace working with an executive recruiting firm such as BrainWorks can help streamline the process and ensure you aren’t missing out on STAR talent. Sourcing Candidates The BrainWorks recruitment teams have decades of combined experience in a variety of industries which has allowed them to develop extensive industry networks from which to draw candidates. This experience combined with their sourcing skills means BrainWorks’ recruiters can find eligible candidates quickly. This includes candidates who may not be actively looking but are open to a career move. For example a high-performing Chief Operating Officer may not be actively looking for a job BrainWorks’ CPG recruiters might identify them as STAR talent perfect for your open position. Creating an In-Depth Candidate Profile BrainWorks uses its proprietary Talent Acquisition Profile TAP and Seven Traits to Assess Results STAR system to form a Talent Evaluation Process TEP creating a candidate profile for evaluation. These include the relevance of past accomplishments problem-solving and thinking

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skills trend of performance industry and functional experience management and organizational ability and their cultural fit with your company. Evaluating the Candidate The key to a successful hiring process is speed and efficiency. Taking too long to evaluate a candidate or a lengthy interview process or just stalling on making an offer can result in STAR talent accepting another position. BrainWorks’ recruitment teams quickly evaluate candidates using their specialized industry knowledge and proprietary processes. They know which skills will be most relevant for your company and industry as well a show the candidate’s experience translates to the duties of the executive position. Their product manager recruiters for example understand what makes an excellent Director of Channel Marketing or Director of Product Development and what experience and skills are necessary to truly excel in the position. Helping with the Offer Time is of the essence. Once a candidate has been identified and is evaluated they are presented to your company. Your hiring manager can then proceed with interviewing the potential candidates. During this time BrainWorks will continue looking for additional candidates so no time will be lost for continuity if the first slate does not meet the requirements once interviewed. BrainWorks’ experienced team of recruiters can help with preparing both the client and the candidate for interviews and ultimately negotiating an offer. In all BrainWorks can cut weeks to months off of your recruitment process landing you STAR talent and filling your executive position. Make the best investment in your company’s future: STAR talent sourced by BrainWorks at https://brainworksinc.com Original Source: http://bit.ly/3442Rgv

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