Top Tips For Design a website for your Business


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In this web world, where businesses just can’t do without websites and applications, everyone knows the importance of bringing their businesses online. Brainvire provide end-to-end open source web design and development solutions which includes development, customization, installation, integration as well as maintenance. See more :


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Top Tips For Design a Website for your Business


Incorporate Keywords In order for search engines to understand what’s on your page and better connect you to potential visitors, you need to have your most important information (keywords) included in your website.


Include Multiple Points of Contact Be sure to create a “Contact” page that includes all the above information, plus a map, directions, hours of operation and possibly a form visitors can fill out for more information.


Make Branding Professional & Consistent Use colors that go with your logo colors; choose one or two fonts and use them consistently across the site; make sure graphics or photos complement each other and look professional.


Provide Clear Calls-to-Action A “call-to-action” refers to text on your website that invites visitors to do something. Clear calls-to-action get visitors to take the next step and go from just looking at your website to contacting your business.


Make Pages Easy to Read Make pages simple to scan by remembering an important content across the top of the pages and down the left side.


Make the Site Easy to Navigate Make pages simple to scan by remembering an important content across the top of the pages and down the left side.


Put Important Info “Above the Fold” Think of a newspaper - the biggest stories are on the top half of the page, or “above the fold.”


Make the Site Quick to Load Ensure the site loads quickly by keeping image sizes low and limiting the number of videos, widgets, photos and social media sharing buttons embedded in the site.


` Build Credibility & Trust Include testimonials from happy customers; links to magazine articles that have featured your business and logos of any local organizations you belong to, such as the Chamber of Commerce.


Connect to Social Media Connecting with them on social media is a great way to spread the word about your products or services, as well as increase traffic to your website.

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