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The Home Decorating Company in New York The Home Decorating Company is an online bedding superstore with comforters bed sets bed in a bag duvets bedspreads quilts bed linens and sheets from the finest designer brands including Croscill Nautica Calvin Klein Lacoste and more in Tropical Nautical Western Rustic Country Cottage Beach and Shabby Chic styles in full twin twin xl queen king and california king bedding sizes.

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1. Modern Bedroom Design Colors Neutral colors particularly in the natural materials used are prominent along with occasional pops of color. The best color palette to choose for your modern bedroom design is one that will compliment your furniture bedding and accent pieces without overwhelming them. If your furniture and bedding are in more neutral colors like browns grays or whites consider painting your walls a bold color such as gold orange or green. If your furniture and bedding is bright and patterned you’re better off choosing a neutral wall color such as a light tan or a soft gray. Furniture Style The furniture in a modern bedroom design generally requires the pieces have separation from the floor. Thin often metallic legs lift furniture pieces so that the flow of air is encouraged and breath and movement is invited into the room. Natural materials such as wood stone and leather are utilized to bring warmth into the simplistic style. Modern design also embraces more industrial materials such as plastic and polished metal. Picture a bright orange plastic chair with shiny metal legs or a simple polished metal nightstand. Bedding As the focal point of your modern bedroom design your bedding should make a strong statement. If your walls and furniture are more subtle consider choosing a bright teal and gray Modern bedroom design is a clean break from traditional styles and it embraces a more organized and simple look. While modern design typically embraces symmetry and geometric shapes and patterns it also generally employs fewer embellishments and simple features than other design styles.

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chevron comforter or a bold gray and yellow flower-patterned comforter. If the rest of your modern bedroom design is full of patterns already select a solid red comforter and pair it with some striped red and white throw pillows. Maybe your accent pieces are full of flair and you need your bedding to bring the entire room together in a calming way. If that’s the case try a solid gray quilt or a vertically-striped black and white comforter. Accent Pieces Following suit with modern color palettes and simplistic design your bedroom accent pieces should be sleek and complimentary to the rest of your bedroom. Bold geometric patterns and solid colors are perfect for accent rugs in a modern style. Think bold circles or squares overlapping each other or colorful ribbon-like lines traversing the rug’s surface. If you selected a patterned bedspread or comforter choosing an accent rug of a solid bold color is a great choice. Modern bedroom design wall hangings are typically abstract and very colorful with strong patterns that make bold statements. 2. Contemporary Bedroom Design Colors Neutral colors play a large role in contemporary design but the way they are paired together and mixed with bolder colors is specific to this style. Neutral colors should be the basis of the design. Think grays browns and whites with a subtle hint of a bolder color in its hue. Natural light and open spaces are important in this design style so lighter and brighter colors that open up the bedroom are preferable as accents. A bold accent wall or brightly colored piece of furniture is a good option but be sure not to overdo it. Consider such color combinations as cream and pink gray and yellow or brown and green. Contemporary bedroom design is all about what’s new and what’s happening right now. Because of that it is constantly changing and it often collides with eclectic modern and other design styles. The contemporary style combines natural elements with more rigid industrial elements to create a perfect harmony of design style. A comfortable environment is very important in contemporary bedroom design so soft rugs plush pillows and luxurious fabrics should be used throughout. Geometric shapes and patterns bold stripes and solid blocks of color are all utilized in contemporary bedroom design.

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Furniture Style Uniqueness is key in contemporary design as the style seeks to create new forms and shapes throughout its design elements. Clean lines and sleek shapes merge with comfort and visual appeal in contemporary furniture design. Since contemporary style embraces fewer furniture pieces it’s important that each piece perfectly represents the contemporary style and makes a strong statement within the bedroom design. Bedding Your bedding is likely going to be a focal point in your contemporary bedroom design so choose bold geometric patterns with plenty of comfortable fabrics. Consider a bedspread with wide red and white stripes several dark purple circles on a lighter purple background or a black and white repeating pattern all over. Stay away from quilts and flatter bed coverings and embrace bright supple throw pillows and luxurious fluffy blankets. Accent Pieces Minimal accents with clean edges and straight lines are best suited for a contemporary bedroom design. Each piece should be strong and bring drama to the design without taking away from the overall look of the room. Bold accent rugs as long as they don’t compete with other elements are great additions. Think about selecting the softest rugs with strong geometric patterns. Wall hangings should consist mostly of abstract bold and very large art with no frame or a very clean chic frame. 3. White Bedroom Design A sister of modern design and also known as minimalist design this style embraces simplicity in both form and function. Minimalism strips objects of their ornate design and complex decorations to leave a simple beautiful and fully functioning design. A white bedroom design is not one of scarcity or lack of design. Rather it is one of beauty in its humblest form. White design erases clutter and distraction to allow individuals to focus on the modest splendor of an individual piece of furniture accent piece or the room itself.

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Colors The most classic color palette of a white bedroom design is—you guessed it—white. Select an off white bedspread a white area rug white lamps and white walls for the most minimalist bedroom design possible. You can add in hints of color but do so sparingly. You may also choose to include black gray brown or other variations of neutral colors to bring a bit more life into your bedroom. However do not go overboard as a white bedroom design relies heavily on simplicity lack of busyness and clutter and simple clean cut pieces. Furniture Style When it comes to selecting furniture for your white bedroom design remember that clean lines and simplicity capture the design style best. Go for pieces with no pull handles straight edges and flat surfaces. The fewer embellishments the furniture has the more closely it will align with white design. Bedding White bedroom design requires a focal point which in the case of a bedroom should almost always be the bed. A minimalist style may suggest that your mattress is directly on the floor or you may have a basic flat bed frame that matches your neutral color palette. If you’d like to add a hint of color consider using your bedding to do so. Pair a solid purple comforter with white bedding a white bed and gray walls or use a black bedspread on a bright red bed with white walls and white floors. Accent Pieces Your accent pieces—area rugs lamps wall hangings and other décor—should follow the same trends as the rest of the white bedroom design. Simple pieces with no lavish designs and with clean lines should be included sparingly. Minimalism is all about quality over quantity and that means eliminating clutter. Place a single white vase on your dresser or hang one monochromatic geometric painting on the wall above your bed. Choose an accent rug with black vertical lines over a white background and basic brown lamps to sit on your nightstand.

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For Further Information If you need more information you can visit our website - Contact - 860-642-7790 Address: Corporate Office: 841 Route 32 Suite 12 Franklin CT 06254 Showroom: 2840 Northwest 2nd Avenue Boca Raton FL 33431

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