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PURSUE YOUR CAREER IN SOCIAL MEDIA – “SUPPORTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS“ Bit.ly It is a great tool to shorten your URL Mainly supports to use on twitter in order to face the character limit given by twitter. Buffer Buffer is a great platform where you can schedule social media content on various channels and also it provides social media insights. Google alert Google gives a great tool to get some idea to generate content for writing blogs and also we can get some ideas to generate content to push in social channels. Buzz sumo It is an overall platform which provides various options to optimize your social channels. tagboard Hash tag is getting trend in social channels like instagram Facebook and twitter. Braingroom being the ideal choice provides these digital marketing classes with variety of opportunities. Options are too many but the effort needed is too less. So gear up to become a professional digital marketer and boost up your confidence by making money by becoming as a digital entrepreneur.

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