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  NLP for making executives - Why is it so relevant?  :

  NLP for making executives - Why is it so relevant?  


Introduction NLP or Neuro -linguistic programming is an approach to in California, United States i communication , personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder n the 1970s. Even though NLP is discredited considerably , progressive hypnotherapists and psychologists recommend and use this method to enhance the performance of individual in many respects. 2

What is NLP?:

What is NLP? NLP founders and proponents say that there is a link that exists between neurological processes ( neuro component), language (linguistic component) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming component). This link can be expedited to boost the efficiency of people by a great extent while performing daily tasks and tasks of critical importance. 3

Main Components of NLP:

Main Components of NLP Subjectivity : We as people always have a unique interpretation of the world around us. That is, we make sense of our environment in our own way. Vision, audition, taction , olfaction and gustation are the sensory routes to perception of the world around us . This corresponds to sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste respectively. Consciousness : This is based on the more established mental science concept of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Our subjective interpretations of the environments are on these two levels. Learning : learning through codification by leveraging subjectivity and consciousness is done by o rdering sensory stimuli into sequenced patterns that are optimized to generate desired emotional responses and behavioural traits that are beneficial to the work performance and life balance. 4

Relevance of NLP in the Corporate World:

Relevance of NLP in the Corporate World This will lead to better work performance and even better interactions between peers and seniors at work. Once the executive is used to these changes he can make further changes himself based on what works best for him in terms of how he deals with stress at work and how he meets project deadlines . T he risks in using this practice are that you may do more harm than good if this is implemented wrongly Hence it makes sense to invest in certified NLP practitioners to initiate the change process in executive employees in companies. 5

Relevance of NLP in the Corporate World:

Relevance of NLP in the Corporate World Having said it, it’s also understandable that since NLP is a relatively latent technique it’s hard to find certified practitioners for training. However, in today’s world impossible is nothing. With booming online marketplaces, like Braingroom for instance, you always have a chance to offer the best training to your executives. With Braingroom , you don’t just find the best trainer but you relate and connect below enrolling your executives. 6


Conclusion It is important to see if NLP is the right fit for your work environment. If it is, (as it is in most cases) you will need to invest in high quality NLP resources to get you started. And you have to make sure changes in your executive’s work life are phased in slowly so as to not disrupt the harmony that probably already exists in the executive’s life. Otherwise it’s all smooth sailing from there to enhanced work results and intra-office work based relationships! 7





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