Some Interesting Facts about Red Ruby Stone and

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Red Ruby and Green Emerald. Two of the most precious gemstones on earth. Here we discuss some exciting facts about these gemstones.


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Some Interesting Facts about Red Ruby Stone and Emerald:

Some Interesting Facts about Red Ruby Stone and Emerald

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As we all know that gemstones are supposed to be worn to improve our health and life. They are most of the times, our driving force. According to Vedic astrology, gemstones are that unique type of jewellery that contains strong powers. Every person is different and so are their planets. There is a whole system there which affects each person's life according to their horoscope and planets. Here we talk about some fascinating and interesting facts about two well-known stones which are red ruby stone & emerald.

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Emerald The profound deep green colored stone is probably one of the most loves gemstones in the history. There are tons of interesting stories and facts that associated with this stone and add to the beauty of the rare gem. The stone is one of the most precious stones found in the Mother Nature. The cut this stone has which is square is one of the most common shapes that you will come across. Though, the stone can have any shape as a form of jewellery.

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Talking about the name of the stone, it is driven from a Greek word Smaragdus , which overall means Green. The roman used to believe and some of them still believe that the stone represents 'The Goddess of Love'- Venus. The interesting thing is that it is also the favourite stone of couples and lovers. And wearing the stone can bring love to your life or the cupid will strike soon.

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If you wear this stone, it will benefit you to the core; however, if you never come across any benefit, then the chances are that the gem is probably synthetic. So, beware of where you are purchasing, trust Brahma Gems to get the genuine stones. Check out the green emerald price from the website.

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This is how a genuine Green Emerald looks like

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Ruby The name Ruby comes from the Latin word Rubens which eventually means Red. They are mostly found in shades of red, starting from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. The red colour comes from traces of the mineral chromium. People who are born in July should wear this gem to increase their brain power and energy. This stone is incredibly strong and most of the times considered as resilient as sapphires and only a little softer than diamonds. The good thing is that the stone is found all over the world.

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The most precious rubies are those with a full, rich red colour with just a hint of blue tones. Most people don't know that almost all rubies have flaws. Rubies without imperfections are rare and command prices even higher than precious stones of a mutual weight and quality. The world's largest ruby is known to be owned by a Chinese Jewellery company. And because of its brilliant red colours, they are often associated with themes concerning the essence and vibrancy of life. Visit BrahmaGems to buy ruby stone online India .

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