6-End of the War

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“The War to End All Wars" How did World War I end?

Do Now:

Do Now 1 . “One day, there will be no more wars.” 2. “The country that loses a war should be responsible for the war’s damage .” 3. “A country that starts a war should not be allowed to rebuild its military.” 4. “A country should have to pay lots of money as a penalty if it starts a war.” 5. “A country should have land taken away from it as a penalty if it loses a war.”


Notes 1. World War I was a horrible war, because it was the first war to be fought with: A. Mustard Gas B. Machine Guns C. Trenches D. Submarines


Notes 2. Throughout most of the war, fighting took place in the trenches in Europe. 3. For four years, soldiers from both sides fired their weapons and killed each other, but neither side had a clear advantage. 4. When the United States entered the war, the Allies finally had the strength they needed to win the war. 5. In Germany, revolutionists seized the capital, Berlin.


Notes 6. In 1918, Germany signed the armistice (peace agreement.)

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7. The treaty that ended the war was called the Treaty of Versailles.


Notes 8. The Treaty of Versailles blamed Germany for the war. 9. It punished Germany in the following ways: A. it took parts of Germany’s land away B. Germany had to pay 20 billion dollars for the damages of the war C. limited the amount of weapons they could have

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