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eMi Project #5521 : 

eMi Project #5521 Closing Time slideshow Livingstone, Zambia

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Lusaka Bus Station – Lusaka, Zambia

Slide 3: 

The nicest bus in Africa (that I know of)!

Slide 4: 

Bathroom stops?? Wow, what luxury! …these guys are architects who we met on the bus. They do similar work but on a smaller scale, so we talked about how eMi might help them out.

Slide 5: 

Don’t let the cracked windshield fool you, this bus was nice! And the roads were good too.

Slide 6: 

Apparently, this bus line needed a new marketing gimmick to change their image of struggling to be on time!

Slide 7: 

No signs of injury that we could see, but still scary. These kinds of accidents happen all the time on African roads. We saw a number of them during our travels on this trip.

Slide 8: 

Our guesthouse in Livingstone, from the road...

Slide 9: 

…the Faulty Towers on the inside – pretty nice for a backpacker’s lodge.

Slide 10: 

Arriving at the Royal Livingstone the next day for our trip out to Livingstone Island. This was a 5-star hotel! Too expensive for us to stay at, but nice to walk through.

Slide 11: 

The back deck at The Royal Livingstone – the ‘smoke that thunders’ can be seen in the distance.

Slide 12: 

Intern Rachel and I waiting for the boat out to Livingstone Island…little did we know what was awaiting us!

Slide 13: 

The boat ride out to the island – getting closer to the falls. I made sure there were paddles on board in case the motor died – though we passed several hippos on the short ride out that I’m sure would have been more than happy to help us out in a jam.

Slide 14: 

Africans are all about hospitality, so they greeted us on the small island with a sweet, maize drink (non-alcoholic). Delicious!

Slide 15: 

Walking on Livingstone Island to the falls.

Slide 16: 

Exactly what it means…

Slide 17: 

…I told you so!

Slide 18: 

Our first look at the South end of Victoria Falls – wow! During the wet season, the rock we’re standing on has 4 feet of water pouring over it and over the falls!

Slide 19: 

I took my shoes off because I trusted my bare feet more than Keen sandals! The other side of the chasm is Zimbabwe. Amazing, flat terrain all around, then the earth just opens up!

Slide 20: 

Nearing their 70’s, Jim and Mary Ann get the award for world travelers – they’ve been on many eMi trips all over the world! Asked how he handles all of the travel, Jim replies, “Well, I have to be somewhere!”

Slide 21: 

Great team photo!

Slide 22: 

Ok, this is where is gets interesting! We had something different in mind when the travel agent said ‘swimming in a pool near the falls’!”

Slide 23: 

We are swimming across the Zambezi River, roughly 30-40 meters from the 100-meter drop! Yikes!

Slide 24: 

Getting our final instructions from the guide…“If you jump too far right, you go over the falls, and no survive!”

Slide 25: 

Just where we had the safety talk was ridiculously close to the falls! …this is a bigger waterfall than it looks here!

Slide 26: 

…I told you! This shot gives you a little context – before you see what we did next… The “Devil’s Pool”

Slide 27: 

No words needed…

Slide 28: 

One by one, eight of us jumped! …Jason C.,

Slide 29: 


Slide 30: 


Slide 31: 

Intern Rachel,

Slide 32: 

Intern Melissa,

Slide 33: 

Jason P.,

Slide 34: 

and Robert!

Slide 35: 

An even better team photo!

Slide 36: 

My eyes are closed … in prayer for the two guys behind us who weren’t nearly as concerned for their own safety as they were for ours!

Slide 37: 

Due to fluctuating water levels, this ‘pool’ is only open between Sept-Dec each year. The water level shown is as high as they will allow for swimming in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ – it had only opened a couple days before we were there!

Slide 38: 

Getting out was probably the trickiest part, so they gave us specific instructions. Apparently, one of the guides went over the edge last year saving a tourist who slipped while exiting.

Slide 39: 

The dining tent just a few meters from the falls.

Slide 40: 

Our breakfast!

Slide 41: 

The hotel workers gave us a ride to the falls in their cart. The grounds of the hotel were amazing and even had wildlife roaming (giraffes, zebra, elephants…)

Slide 42: 

Roger ‘caught’ this mistake – clearly the builders who installed this sundial were European, since they located the gnomon (vertical piece that casts a shadow in the middle of a sundial) facing 180 degrees backwards (i.e. how you would install it north of the equator!)

Slide 43: 

Walking towards the ‘Zambia/Zimbabwe’ border crossing, we met up with lots of street vendors.

Slide 44: 

The bridge over the Batoka Gorge at the bottom of Victoria Falls, separating the two countries.

Slide 45: 

Me on the bridge – you can see the south end of the falls in the background, nearly completely dried up this time of year.

Slide 46: 

The Batoka Gorge at the base of the falls, with the Zambezi river flowing out into Zimbabwe.

Slide 47: 

The river flowing out the gorge – see how the landscape is flat and just opens up for the river!

Slide 48: 

The bungee swing platform. I’ll swim in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ any day over jumping off this bridge! Just watch…

Slide 50: 

Roger bartering with the unrelenting vendors! Nice guys, and they were good at getting us to buy things!

Slide 51: 

I kept thinking about which country was in charge of maintaining the bridge, and hoping that one of them actually does!

Slide 52: 

A one hundred trillion dollar note from Zimbabwe! It’s no wonder there hasn’t been a legal currency there for nearly 2 years now. Back then, a bottle of soda cost about 9 trillion Zimbabwe dollars! This note was last accepted in 2007.

Slide 53: 

It was a long walk (about 2 kilometers) between the borders – not sure why.

Slide 54: 

The crew that crossed into Zimbabwe.

Slide 55: 

The immigration office on the Zimbabwe side – we liked these contradicting signs!

Slide 56: 

The entrance to the national park. Mosi-Oa-Tunya means ‘The Smoke that Thunders’ – Victoria Falls’ local name.

Slide 57: 

Cool facts!

Slide 58: 

What an amazing aerial view of the falls! Livingstone Island The ‘Devil’s Pool’ Zimbabwe Zambia

Slide 59: 

Livingstone Island

Slide 60: 

More interesting facts!

Slide 61: 

Holy cow, I had no idea the Congo discharged over 10 times as much water as the Nile!

Slide 62: 

Viewing the falls from Zimbabwe gives a much better perspective.

Slide 63: 

Crossing into Zimbabwe was definitely worth the visa charge and long, hot walk! But we realized something that was a little scary…

Slide 64: 

…that’s the ‘Devil’s Pool’!! Yikes!

Slide 65: 

That’s a lot of water! Devil’s Pool We swam 30 meters upstream of here! Safety talk was on this rock! Main channel of Victoria Falls.

Slide 66: 

I’m talking on the phone to Alisha, who was just starting her school day back home. Needless to say, I felt a little bad!

Slide 67: 

The next day was our bonus day since we had to stay one more night to save $400 on our airfare. So the team decided to do a safari in Botswana at Chobe Nat’l Park, which was only an hour’s drive from Livingstone.

Slide 68: 

Over 90,000 elephants live in Chobe – the highest concentration of elephants in the world!

Slide 69: 

We got to see a large herd cross the river.

Slide 70: 

We had two vehicles for our team, plus the guy in blue who was on vacation from New Zealand.

Slide 71: 

Chobe is a very dry and sandy place, except down by the Chobe River seen in the distance.

Slide 72: 

It was great to be in an elevated, open-air safari vehicle - most of the time that is…

Slide 73: 

I am not a fan of viewing elephants up close. This mama and her baby had just crossed in front of us so our driver stopped right next to her. She immediately turned around and stared us down. I wasn’t too happy about being so close, so one of the volunteers snapped this shot of me.

Slide 74: 

The elephant was about 10 feet from me! With one small flick she could have flipped our vehicle.

Slide 75: 

This was another time where our driver showed he didn’t share my respect for a ‘safe viewing distance’!

Slide 76: 

The ground in Chobe in most places was almost entirely sand.

Slide 77: 

Cute. Terribly awkward, but very cute.

Slide 78: 

These cats are very shy and hard to find! Leopard

Slide 79: 

I had a great time during my stay in Namibia …though it only lasted 45 seconds! (I asked our safari boat driver to stop on the other side of the Chobe River, which forms the border between Botswana and Namibia, so I could hop out and claim another flag for my backpack! It’s a stretch, but afterwards I went on and on about ‘my time in Namibia’!)

Slide 80: 

The craft market in downtown Livingstone, Zambia. A few differences, but for the most part the same as those in Uganda.

Slide 81: 

We spent a lot of time in this plane – 19 hours straight to be exact on our return flight from Johannesburg (via Dakar, Senegal) to Washington DC.

Slide 82: 

The End!

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