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Invest In BrIght and Colourful LED A19 BuLBs to make the spa Ce look more BeautIful www.ledmyplace.com

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Consider the Long Term Benefts of LED A19 Bulbs to Make the Right Lighting Choice If rather than considering the one time purchase cost you are keener to have long term lighting effects then led lights are defnitely the right choice for you. For making the indoor places look more beautiful you can invest in buying led bulbs that will make the place more elegant and will highlight the piece of art hung on the walls to make it look more beautiful in front of the guests who are visiting your place. also if the space is not so high these led Bulbs can easily be installed there in an easier way. among various types of led Bulbs you can install a19 Bulbs that gets screwed easily over the existing incandescent bulb fxtures or CFL fxtures. Also these bulbs are great option over the standard incandescent bulbs and they are the hot selling led products. these LED A19 Bulbs are great lighting option for the table and floor lamps that we use in our homes and are also used at the commercial places such as hotels. Below are discussing the features of these 9.8w a19 Bulbs that will give you more savings as well. www.ledmyplace.com

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Other Benefts of Using these LED A19 Bulbs are as Follows ◈ Lumen output Our frst priority while buying the lights or bulbs for our residential or commercial places is to consider the lumen effciency of the products we are buying. The lumen output of these 9.8w LED A19 Bulbs is 800 lumens that they emit by consuming just 9.8w of electricity only. replacing them with the mh or halogen bulbs of up to 60w will give energy savings by at least 80 which is big amount to consider. ◈ Flicker free unlike the traditional bulbs these LED A19 Bulbs are flicker free and require no warm up time so you can expect these bulbs to start instantly without any kind of flickering effect. due to the continuous flickering of the bulbs you get disturbed in doing your daily task and if it keeps on bothering you on the regular basics then it might cause irritation and sometimes serious ailments as well. so ensure that these types of things don’t happen with you or your loved ones as well so install a19 Bulbs inside your place to enjoy maximum lighting peacefully. ◈ Durable since these LED A19 Bulbs are more durable than the traditional lighting option you can also expect them to work for more number of hours. the average life span if these bulbs is at least 15000 hours which is much more than the traditional bulbs that emit glow just for couple of hours only. also along with using them for more number of hours also these bulbs are the safest form of lighting option that can keep environment safe and non-polluted due to non-existence of any kind of harmful substances inside these bulbs. www.ledmyplace.com

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so it’s the time to replace those existing mh or halogen bulbs with these led a19 bulbs especially when the electricity bills are touching the sky choosing these led a19 bulbs is the only best solution available to reduce the increasing electricity bills. despite of the place where you are installing these led light bulbs they will beat the traditional bulbs in terms of energy savings and will give you more wonderful lighting experience which you can never experience if continuing using the energy consuming halogen incandescent bulbs. www.ledmyplace.com

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Thank You www.ledmyplace.com infoledmyplace.com | 888-972-6211

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