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Latest JN0-661 Exam Questions To Prepare And Exam Pass Juniper JN0-661 - Service Provider Routing and Switching Braindumps

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Become juniper certified by passing JN0-661 exam with Us service provider routing and switching JN0-661 is an ideal certification offered by juniper. It is an ideal program and you can become juniper certified professional by passing this JNCIP SP JN0-661 exam with Examsbereg. if u are looking for a job and not getting any response from potential employers then certification of juniper JN0-661 can help you out in a securing a good job with high pay. IT processionals always prefer to become certified with JN0-661 exam pdf dumps and this becomes possible by passing the juniper JN0-661 certified exam.

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QUESTION 1 Which OSPFv3 router ID is valid A. B. :: C. D. 2008:db8::1 Correct Answer: A

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QUESTION 2 You have an AS boundary router which is also an area border router with an NSSA attached.Which two LSA types are exported into the NSSA by default Choose two. A. Type 3 B. Type 5 C. Type 7 D. Type 9 Correct Answer: AC

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QUESTION 3 What are three reasons an OSPF neighborship would be stuck in ExStart Choose three. A. The LSA database exchange is not yet completed. B. There is an MTU mismatch between the OSPF routers. C. There is an interface-type mismatch between the OSPF routers. D. There is a unicast communication problem between the OSPF routers. E. Both OSPF routers are using the same router ID. Correct Answer: BDE

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QUESTION 4 Which two LSA types are permitted in an OSPF stub area Choose two. A. Type 1 B. Type 2 C. Type 4 D. Type 5 Correct Answer: AB

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QUESTION 5 Router R5 has the overload parameter configured. Which statement is true A. R5 will purge its LSAs from the network until the overload condition is cleared. B. R5 will increase its link metrics to 65535 and will stop forwarding transit traffic to OSPF destinations. C. R5 will increase its link metrics to 65535 and will continue to forward transit traffic to OSPF destinations. D. R5 will send an overload LSA to its neighbors to indicate it is in the overload state. Correct Answer: C

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