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Mlitary Tech


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Military Technology Advancement:

Military Technology Advancement Aaron Martin


Outline Future Combat Weapons Exoskeleton Surveillance Tools Military Computers Collaboration System

Future Combat Weapons:

Future Combat Weapons Smart Guns Land Warrior Air Warrior E-Fabric Land Warrior Air Warrior Smart Gun


Exoskeleton Medical Heavy Lifting Troops on the Ground Paralyzed People

Exoskeleton Video:

Exoskeleton Video

Surveillance Tools:

Surveillance Tools Drone Bin Laden Battlefield Robot Defuse Bombs Won’t Cost Lives Optical Camouflaging Get Closer Battlefield Robot

Military Computers:

Military Computers Unmanned Aircraft Predator Hawk G.P.S. Global Positioning System Smart Bombs Guided from Base Computer Simulations Flight Simulations Combat Simulations

Collaboration System:

Collaboration System September 11 th , 2001 Columbia Shuttle Disaster Wireless System Used Everyday

Works Cited:

Works Cited Bender, Eythor . N.p ., 2011. Web. 8 Feb 2012. <>. . Time magazine names the xos 2 exoskeleton "most awesomest " invention of 2010. N.p ., 2011. Web. 8 Feb 2012. <>.

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