States of activated carbon

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334 Puliakulam road opp to carmel garden school Coimbatore – 641 045 Phone : +91 422 4292030 Help line: +91 98420 91301. e mail: Website : Continuous improvement on environmental and health safety related issues A Boyce initiative for a sustainable future The concept of sustainable development is the touchstone for humanitys future. In the past growth was fuelled by scientific and technological progress. Today the embracing of the sustainable dimension requires a radical repositioning. Boyce with the following objectives • The development dissemination and adoption of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions in water treatment in particular through increased use of activated carbon. • The development and introduction of environment-friendly safe and competitive mobility systems for water and sewage treatment • Improved understanding and forecasting capacities in regard to global changes ecosystems and biodiversity as well as the creation of new management models. Is very clear on its role today. We have to apply innovation to create sustainable products that will limit exploitation of nature Our efforts are directed towards this objective. We will create products and support organizations with special interest that research towards a sustainable future. as we believe the future is today and we are already running out of resources. Please write to Boyce Carbon to know how we participate in research and development and with product and service model creation companies and apply our innovative ideas that contribute to greener future.

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334 Puliakulam road opp to carmel garden school Coimbatore – 641 045 Phone : +91 422 4292030 Help line: +91 98420 91301. e mail: Website : States Purpose Applications Examples Gas Phase Recovery Gasoline Vapor Recovery Gasoline Fuel recovery ELCD Solvent Recovery MEK Cyclohexanone CS2 Furon Trichloroethane Odor Removal Room Order Removal Tobacco CO Room filters Toilet Odor Pet Odor Refrigerator Deodorizer Automobile Cabin air filters Tobacco Cigarette Filter Hospital Anesthetic gas removal Ozone Removal Copiers Laser Printers Harmful Gas Closed Environment Dioxin removal Space Ships Underground CO2 Gas Separation Nitrogen PSA Nitrogen Gas Separation Other PSA Radio Active Gas Liquid Phase Water Treatment Factory Waste Water Cleaning Waste Water Drinking Water Treatment Trihalomethane Chlorine VOCs Lead Arsenate removal Decolorization of Industrial Chemicals Industrial Use Sugar refinement Pharmaceutical use Whisky distilment Medical Applications Medical and Nursing Kidney machine Nursing supplies Respirators Electronics Eletrorodes Double Layer Capacitors Hardisks Mineral Recovery Gold Recovery Gold Recovery

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