Rock Bottom Lasers & and Cosmetic Laser


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Rock Bottom Lasers offers some of the most competitive prices on pre-owned aesthetic lasers and Used Aesthetic equipments.


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Rock Bottom Lasers & and Cosmetic Laser:

Rock Bottom Lasers & and Cosmetic Laser

About Us:

Mr. Wells has devoted considerable time in researching the latest cosmetic trends and treatment modalities. He stays current on the cutting edge of such research and uses this information to make strategic decisions for the company. He has a broad understanding of lasers and has been certified in laser biophysics and theory.ince that time, Mr. Wells has devoted his energies to helping other physicians and entrepreneurs become successful in this industry. Additional Skinovative locations have been opened under Mr. Wells’ direction and generate annual gross revenues ranging anywhere from $800,000 to $1,300,000 per Skinovative clinic. About Us

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DOT Therapy powered by the SmartXide DOT laser system employs a unique technology, SmartPulse, that allows simultaneous independent control of both energy (depth) and dwell time (thermal damage). This translate into a great benefit to the physician and the patient: Physicians can adjust parameters to tailor the treatment and downtime to the patient’s specific needs. Areas such as the neck, décolletage, eyelids, and darker skin types with a high risk of PIH (Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation) – previously considered untreatable – can now be treated successfully and safely. Patients will enjoy the benefits of tailored treatments, reduced recovery time and quick procedures.

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With increased demand for anti-aging and lifestyle-driven procedures, the VISIA Complexion Analysis System is a timely addition to any medical practice or spa offering treatments for skin rejuvenation and ongoing skin care.KEY FEATURES: Repeatable facial photography :Ensure reproducibility of images between time points with built-in positioning aids and standardized lighting.Automatic masking:VISIA software automatically delineates facial areas for analysis.User-friendly interface:VISIA’s attractive, intuitive interface quickly gets your staFF up to speed.

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Competitive cooling systems "freeze" the skin so that during the treatment the skin temperature will rise to a bearable level. However, this "freezing" temperature might limit the results because the follicles will not reach the coagulation temperature. To ensure optimal results Active installed a special Processor that prevents overcooling the skin and maintains a uniform low temperature of the "glass" throughout the treatment. This revolutionary system enables the Extra - 818 to provide best results with optimal patient comfort.Research Program For clinical investigations, the self setting program allows researchers to set the treatment's parameters according to their needs. Allowing advanced research with the device. The energy levels in the self setting program can reach 31J\cm2 with high intensity of 4,000W.


CONTACT US 2942 N 24th St. Ste 114 Toll free: 800-794-1097 480-862-4778 /

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