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Welcome To Botelho Law Group Firm in Fall River, Ma WE ARE A FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Call Now: 855-910-9624 CAPE COD OFFICE 3010 Main St Barnstable, MA 02630 BRISTOL COUNTY OFFICE 901 Eastern Ave. Unit 2 Fall River, MA 02723 PROVIDENCE OFFICE 19 Overhill Road Providence, RI 02906

About Botelho Law Group Firm :

About Botelho Law Group Firm At the Botelho Law Group we have different attorneys, with different specializations; to help your case is individual needs. When choosing a lawyer or law firm, one size does not fit all, for this reason, we employ a number of attorneys and legal professionals who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise. Many legal issues that arise for our clients have overlapping matters in different Areas Of Law. Maybe during your Divorce, it would be better if you filed Bankruptcy to handle your financial situations; in a case such as this, we can service all your needs. It’s this type of full-service that allows us to best represent our clients and all their legal needs.

Area of Lawyer Services:

Area of Lawyer Services Bankruptcy Cases Filed Family Law Cases Personal Injury Settlements Criminal Cases Social Security Law Immigration Law Estates and Wills Business law Landlord tenant law Tenants’ rights Traffic violations

BANKRUPTCY Lawyer Services:

BANKRUPTCY Lawyer Services The attorneys at Botelho Law Group know the BANKRUPTCY law. We will answer your questions and help you to determine the best resolution for your situation. Types of Bankruptcy Lawyer Services Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services

CHAPTER 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services:

CHAPTER 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services Chapter 7   Bankruptcy Lawyer Services or otherwise known as “liquidation Bankruptcy” is where a debtor files a Bankruptcy petition with the Bankruptcy court and a trustee may sell some of your property to repay your debt to the creditors. Although in most bankruptcies, debtors do not have assets which could be sold to repay creditors or the assets they do possess, are exempt from being sold to repay creditors. Anybody can file for  Bankruptcy  themselves, but it takes an experienced Bankruptcy attorney to obtain the best results and to retain as much or all of your property through the use of proper Bankruptcy exemptions.

CHAPTER 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services:

CHAPTER 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Services In chapter 13 bankruptcy, you do not have to deal with the liquidation of your property to pay back debts to creditors, and it also allows you to retain a car which is about to be repossessed or retain a home which is about to be foreclosed upon. Unlike chapter 7 bankruptcy where most debts are canceled, the debtor will have a 3 to 5 year period in which they must repay a portion or all of their debts. In order to retain property that is the security for a loan or mortgage, you must use chapter 13 bankruptcy if you’re behind on payments, as Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not help you in the situation.

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Contact Us Joseph F. Botelho, Esq. BOTELHO LAW GROUP Attorneys At Law 901 Eastern Ave.  Unit 2 Fall River, MA 02723  Office:  888-269-0688 Our website

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