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There are four main types of conditional. These are usually described as: 1. Zero conditional 2. First conditional 3. Second conditional 4. Third conditional Conditionals The 8-th grade Umbetaeva Zh.

The structure of conditional sentences :

The structure of conditional sentences If clause Main clause , 1) 2) If clause Main clause IF (-) UNLESS = if don’t = if doesn’t

2. The First Conditional Form: If + present simple, future simple (might) + V1:

2. The First Conditional Form : If + present simple, future simple (might) + V1 If you phone me, I will come . We will be ready if you come at ten.

Interrogative sentences:

Interrogative sentences General question Will + (S)+ (V1) if+ Present Form If you see Jack, will you tell him? Wh-? Question Wh-? + will + (S)+ (V1) if+ Present Form What will you buy if you go shopping this weekend?


UNLESS = IF NOT Unless study hard, you won’t pass your exam Unless we leave now , we’ll be late Unless we do something to stop global warming now, there may be many other dramatic changes in the future

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