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Boston Terrier puppies are the first official breed created in the United States. The most honest dog breed review you'll ever find about Boston Terrier. Know more: https://www.buybostonterrierpuppiess.com/


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www.buybostonterrierpuppiess.com Welcome to Boston Terrier Puppies S tore


About Boston Terriers : Boston Terriers, also known as “The American Gentleman” is a sweet, gentle breed native of North America . A cross breed between bulldogs and now-extinct white English terrier, their original purpose was for dogfighting . Now better known as companion dogs they are noted for a calm and gentle demeanor that lets them get along with children and elderly alike . These medium height dogs have large attractive eyes, erect ears at the corners of the skull and a small muzzle. Their most defining feature is the often black coat of fur with the white patches giving the illusion of them wearing a tuxedo .


Available Puppies: BOSTON TERRIER: DOB: 06/18/2019 (4 months old) Mary Kate Burdick is from Arizona and she and her sister in California breed Boston Terriers. Their father had a Boston Terrier named “Boots” in 1940. We are proud that our Bostons are very healthy and athletic. They are also raised in a home and are extremely well socialized. AKC proudly supports dedicated and responsible breeders.


BOSTON TERRIER : DOB: 06/15/2019 (4 months old) We raise Champion-pedigreed Boston Terriers in accordance with the BTCA standard. To ensure that our puppies come from healthy breeding stock, all our adult Bostons are DNA tested for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts (JHC); BAER tested for normal hearing; and confirmed to have sound patellas and hearts. We are a member of the Boston Terrier Club of America. Our kennel is inspected and in compliance.


BOSTON TERRIER: DOB: 08/29/2019 (6 weeks old) We are a Bred with heart breeder. Puppies are out of Healthy vet checked parents to ensure healthy babies. Both parents are OFA Certified on their Patella’s (Knees) and Cardiac (Hearts). Puppies will have a puppy wellness exam with our vet at 6 & 8 weeks of age before they leave us. Puppies will come up to date on all of their age appropriate vaccinations and deworming’s.


BOSTON TERRIER: DOB: 08/25/2019 (6 weeks old ) Located in northern Nevada and breeds Boston Terriers. We breed top quality Boston Terriers to the AKC breed standard for confirmation shows and companion. Health testing is a high priority for all dogs used for breeding. Testing included hearing, eyes, patellas, hereditary cataract gene, cardiac, hips, legg calves perthes.


BOSTON TERRIER : DOB : 06/10/2019 (4 months old) We are professional preservation breeders of Boston Terriers – we love and care for our dogs at the highest level with respect and dedication to the breed. We strive to produce what you are looking for, the healthiest and most well adjusted puppies possible, conforming to the AKC standard in beautiful Traditional colours of Black and white, seal and white or brindle and white as well as the Original Colours.


Contact Us: Address : Piedmont,Oklahoma,USA Phone: + 1 4052663728 Email : Justinebecky00@gmail.com Website: https ://www.buybostonterrierpuppiess.com /

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