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Quick Recap : 

Quick Recap Product Systems is a group of diverse but related items that function in a compatible manner. Product mix is the set of all products and items a particular seller offers for sale. Dimensions of a product mix : (i)Width (ii)Length (iii)Depth (iv)Consistency

Product Line Analysis : 

Product Line Analysis Product lining is the marketing strategy of offering for sale several related products. Line depth refers to the number of product variants in a line. Line consistency refers to how closely related the products that make up the line are. Line vulnerability refers to the percentage of sales or profits that are derived from only a few products in the line.

Product-Item Contribution to a Product Line’s Total Sales and Profits : 

Product-Item Contribution to a Product Line’s Total Sales and Profits

Product-Line Stretching : 

Product-Line Stretching Down-Market Stretch Up-Market Stretch Two-Way Stretch Trading Up or Brand leveraging Trading Down IMAGE ANCHORS

Product Line Filling : 

Product Line Filling Line Filling is the process of adding a new product within the current range of an incomplete line. Motives for Line Filling. Weber’s Law: Customers are more attuned to relative than absolute difference. Line Modernization, Featuring and Pruning

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