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Boris Tomicic Construction Engineer

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Boris Tomicic construction engineer Boris Tomicic is a professional construction engineer. His outstanding achievements have made an enormous impact on the growing technology in the United States

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Boris Tomicic is a senior level engineer and currently serves as the Principal Engineer at Engineer Zoom, Inc. Boris Tomicic

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Boris Tomicic He has been associated with the firm for over 4 years. He supervises and manages the day-to-day operations of the company. Boris Tomicic has a record of serving people and organizations successfully

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Boris Tomicic construction engineer Some of his notable projects include STAMFORD URBAN TRANSITWAY, THE SHOPS AT ATLAS PARK, BRIDGEPORT HOSPITAL (Emergency Department Addition) and GREAT LAKES CHEMICAL.

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Boris Tomicic Construction Engineer His project called 'THE SHOPS AT ATLAS PARK', won the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 Phoenix Award for environmental excellence.

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Boris Tomicic Construction Engineer Boris Tomicic started his career by working as a project manager at Lourriero Engineering Associates from 1994 to 2001.

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He provided consultancy services to his customers and contractors and supervised day-to-day operations of the company. Boris Tomicic

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Boris Tomicic construction engineer He also served as the Senior Project Manager at Earth Technology. He served at the firm for over 12 years and specialized in all environmental construction process.

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The Boris Tomicic construction engineer He conducted weekly designs, interacted with clients and managed daily construction activities.

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Thank You Boris Tomicic [ With Love ]

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