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Portable Projection Screens - How to Make a Cheap Portable Projector Screen


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How to Make a Cheap Portable Projector Screen:

How to Make a Cheap Portable Projector Screen


If you would like to avoid paying the high prices charged for a high quality projector screen it is possible to build one yourself. In this article I will not be going into the exact details such as precise measurements as this will vary depending on the projector you have and the size of screen you are looking for. What we will get into are the materials needed, and some general building tips.


What material should be used for the projection screen? First of all, the most important part is the screen, it is possible to use a simple white bed sheet for the screen, but other materials will do much better. I recommend blackout cloth as it should be readily available and it should be available at a local fabric shop, for a relatively inexpensive price. Another good inexpensive material is rubberized canvas created specifically for projector screens, but you will likely need to order this online, it is commonly found on eBay. Fold a couple of inches around the edges, and sew it in. For the best possible picture you will want to place a few inches of velvet around each border.


How do I create the projector screen roller? For a roller I suggest using a wood dowel, and some PVC pipe joiners. What you will be doing is using the PVC pipe joiners to block the screen from sliding off the dowel without damaging the screen. Then sew the screen onto the dowel, and attach the pipe joiners by drilling a hole and inserting a screw within the pipe joiners so that they hold in place. Across the bottom of the screen I suggest placing a metal rod. You will want to add some weight to it so that the screen hangs as flat as possible, and that is what the metal rod is for. As a finishing touch you may want to attach a strip of Velcro.


What can I use to create a case for the screen? The final thing you will want is a case for the projector screen. I suggest using a PVC pipe, and capping both ends for a simple inexpensive case. You can attach a canvas strap as a handle and you will now have a fully portable, inexpensive and high quality portable projector screen. Building your own projector screen can be a very rewarding, and money saving experience. No matter what route you choose I suggest going for simple materials such as the pvc piping and blackout cloth suggested in this article.


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