Monsoon Care For Your Babies

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Monsoon Care For Your Babies Along with a dash of relief monsoon also brings a lot of concerns for a mother. The humid weather and breeding mosquitoes welcomes a plethora of diseases this season. Some of the most common diseases during monsoon are dengue, malaria, viral infections etc. Take a few precautions this monsoon and stay safe with your baby.

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Hygiene- The first and the most important step towards baby care is to maintain proper hygiene for the baby. Your baby may sweat a lot during the humid weather in monsoon. Give your baby a bath with antiseptic soap at least once everyday. You may even sponge the baby later in the day to rub off the extra sweat. Some really good baby care is necessary to ensure that the baby does not accumulate sweat on his body as it can lead to fungal infections, rashes and allergies. Food- Most of the diseases during monsoon are water borne. Take good care this monsoon for your baby so that he or she does not develop diseases due to food or water contamination like diarrhea. Wash the feeding bottles properly with hot water. If your baby isn't breast feeding then prepare his food with boiled water. Clean the plates and bowls in which you will serve your child the food properly. Most importantly, you should not forget to wash your hands and those of your child's before and after eating. The Right Dress- Buy a good deal of clothes to ensure proper baby health care this monsoon. The weather may change many times during the rainy season. When the sun comes of the clouds dress your child in cotton clothes so that he or she feels comfortable. And whenever you feel that the weather is cool enough wrap up your child in some warm clothes so that he or she doesn't catch cold. Proper dressing is one of the prime factors in maintaining a proper baby health care routine for your baby.

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Save From Mosquito Bites- Save your child from mosquito bites as they are the carriers of many diseases. To care for your baby properly cover the hands and legs of your baby with a cloth and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Do not use the chemical mosquito repellants available in the market as the harmful gases that they emit may harm your child. General Care- You should take enough care to ensure that your baby does not stay in wet nappies or else he or she might develop rashes. Remember to trim your baby's nail at least once a week. Keep your house clean and do not allow stagnant water at any place as these are the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Use these easy baby care methods to insure your and your baby's health this monsoon. MEDICAL DEPT ( IBI )

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