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Book MRI Scan In Delhi At Just Rs.2999. Same Day Appointments In Best MRI Scan Centers In Delhi. Quality Reports. Call 9585651177 Or Book Online!


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MRI Scan cost in Delhi Just Rs.2999/-

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Actual MRI Scan cost in Delhi Among hundreds of MRI scan centres in Delhi , it is not so easy to find out the best one among them manually. MRI scan cost in each scan centre varies from Rs.4500 to Rs.9500. The actual reason for fluctuation in MRI scan price in Delhi is mainly due to the scan equipment set up cost incurred for the MRI Scan centres. Based on the MRI scan machine quality and the software version used by the scan centre, they will update them frequently for providing better quality to patients.

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Actual MRI Scan cost in Delhi Prime location of these scan centres also results in increased scan cost for the public. As per media reports, the demand for radiologists are becoming too high, therefore there is a huge shortage for experienced radiologists. Radiologists have to work for multiple diagnostic centres at a time which may also raise the scan cost. All the above factors leads to increased MRI scan cost for public. 

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How to check the quality of MRI Scan centres in Delhi? Every diagnostic scan centres in Delhi should be audited by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board). We ensure that our partnered MRI Scan centers in Delhi are audited frequently through experienced medical experts. We only tie up with the MRI scan centres using standard 1.5 Tesla & above MRI Scan equipments and they are certified with ISO and NABL. Quality of the scan reports will be checked frequently through our audit team.   

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How to choose the best MRI Scan centres in Delhi? Once your doctor has given you the prescription for MRI scan, then your doctor might refer you to do MRI scans in specific MRI scan centres in Delhi (or) your relatives/friends may recommend you to do go to some scan centres based on their experience. But , just think what will be your ultimate aim on doing an MRI scan? For better diagnosis of disease/health issues? Affordable scan cost? High Quality Scan center? Yes, we understand the exact difficulty for a common man on how they are struggling to pay for MRI scans in Delhi .

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How to choose the best MRI Scan centres in Delhi? If you do not have the knowledge of all the above facts, you might end up paying very high price for an MRI scan in Delhi. When you are fixing an appointment with BookMyScans, any single part MRI scan in Delhi will be charged for Just Rs.2999 and if your doctor has mentioned contrast scan, then it will be charged for Rs.1000 extra. Rs.2999 is the lowest price for MRI scan in Delhi and as mentioned earlier the quality of such MRI scans will be guaranteed when you are doing your scans through our partnered MRI scan centres.

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How to choose the best MRI Scan centres in Delhi? 4500+ people already benefitted by booking their MRI Scans through BookMyScans . Many physicians started recommending us to help the patients on saving their money and getting high quality MRI scans. Once you have registered through our website, our customer care executives will contact you directly and your MRI scan appointment in Delhi will be fixed in less than 60 seconds. Get benefitted and do share the word to reach people in need.

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