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MRI Scan benefits & Risks www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com MRI Scan benefits Benefits MRI scans are frequently used for diagnosing soft tissues in cartilage, ligaments and soft organs like heart, brain & detailed view on abdominal structures. No fear of radiation exposure as compared to other scans. Magnetic pulses and radio waves are used during MRI scans and are very safe for children & pregnant women. It can also provide more detailed information about the blood circulation and blood vessels, thereby identifies all the problems related to it. It is also more helpful in determining the spread of cancer and its impact MRI contrast agents are less allergic as compared to the contrast materials used in other scans. For brain and spinal problems, MRI scans are usually preferred than any other scans.

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www. bookmyscans .com MRI Scan Risks Risks As we explained in the ‘top myths about MRI scans’, there is no fearful risks involved when it comes to MRI scans. It is very safe. Let’s have a detailed look here: Metal Objects : The magnetic fields used in MRI scans attract the metal objects if you wear them during scans. Some patients may use the medical implants like pacemakers, defibrillator device, cochlear implants which might get malfunctioned during MRI scans.   During pregnancy : For pregnant women, ultrasound and MRI scans are preferred as others have radiation which might affect the fetus . But, usually pregnant women are usually recommended to undergo MRI scans after the third month of pregnancy and for non-urgent scans; it may be postponed in some cases.

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www. bookmyscans .com Risks Contrast media : Lot of myths on MRI scans tells that contrast material is very dangerous and it may cause severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the lips, rashes, nausea and so on. But before giving the contrast media, radiologists will clearly diagnose if the patient has any previous health problems and is there medications are taken/continued by them. Based on their diagnosis, they will assure for the patient whether the contrast material is safe for them or not. Hence, there is nothing to worry about taking contrast media for MRI scans. Not able to find cancers : Yes, it is right that MRI is not helpful to diagnose all kind of cancers, but each device has its own purpose and limitations. Hence, MRI has its own advantages which are restricted for some other diagnostic needs. PET-CT Scans are usually considered for cancer identification and diagnosis. Scan Duration & claustrophobic : For claustrophobia patients, there are open MRIs available in some scan centers and also based on the scan type they are allowed to wear headphones which might also help the patients to get rid of the noises generated by the MRI scan machines.

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