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www. bookmyscans .com Types of CT Scans in Bangalore

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Types of CT Scans in Bangalore CT Scans also known as CAT Scans (Computed tomography / Computerized axial tomography) are helpful in capturing a series of X-Ray images in various angles to produce cross-sectional 3d images/virtual slices of the specific parts of our body. The First commercial CT scan was invented by Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, United Kingdom and it was installed in Atkinson Morley Hospital. First CT Scan was done in the year 1971 which was announced publicly after testing by 1972. CT Scans can diagnose conditions such as severe injuries, broken bones, blood clots, pneumonia in the lungs, appendicitis, gallbladder disease, kidney stones, blocked bowel passage, cysts, tumours &cancers in various organs. It provides detailed cross-sectional views of all kinds of tissues in our body. The latest generation CT Scanners has advanced in getting clear & accurate imaging and lesser radiation on patients, whereas older CT Scanners emit high radiation which leads to several side effects in olden days. The CT scanners are typically a large box like machine with a hole/short tunnel in the center . The patients have to lie on the table which slides into the tunnel where the x-ray tube and detectors rotate around the patient & the scanner technologist operates & monitors your examination. Throughout the process, the patient is in a still position. www. bookmyscans .com

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Based on the requirement of the physician, visibility of internal structure has to be improved. In such cases, radio-contrast material (dye) like barium is injected into your body to highlight the blood vessels and diseases in organs. The Radiologist will check whether any allergies are there for patients towards medications or iodine and checks carefully on the history of the patient’s health. You will be checked whether you have diabetes, asthma, heart/kidney related problems& thyroid conditions. While going through this process, hours of fasting requirements would be advised by your radiologists accordingly. Once the x-ray beams create necessary images, a special computer program processes such large volume data to create 2D/3D images of your body which are then displayed on your monitor. CT scan has the following types : CT Scan Abdomen CT Angiography Scan CT Chest Scan CT Head Scan CT scan for spine www. bookmyscans .com

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CT Scan Abdomen: Abdominal CT scan can accurately diagnose many causes of abdomen pains such as inflamed colon, colon cancer, diverticulitis, appendicitis. It is also helpful in imaging several types of tissues found in liver, spleen, pancreas & kidneys. CT Scans are one of the preferred methods for diagnosing different kind of cancers including colon cancer. The physician can easily confirm the presence of tumours and can further analyze its size, location and for checking extension of such tumours with its neighbour tissues. Abdomen CT Scan also plays a major role in diagnosis of major vascular disorders which might lead to stroke, Gangrene (dead tissues caused by lack of blood flow) & kidney failure. For gastrointestinal tract examination through CT scans contrast material is usually provided to the patient for better visibility of certain tissues. Most of the CT Scans take 5 minutes to half an hour based on the diagnostic requirements. You will be waiting for a certain period in order to determine whether the images are clear enough to prepare reports. www. bookmyscans .com

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CT Angiography Scan CTA – computed tomography angiography is used to analyse the blood flow in arteries flowing from the brain, lungs, kidneys, arms and till the end of the legs. CT Angiography scans are commonly used to treat pulmonary embolism, a condition where one or more arteries in lungs are getting blocked through blood clots. Blood flow analysis in renal arteries will be examined with CT angiography scans for the patients with hypertension & kidney related disorders. CTA is also used to treat Aneurysms (a weakened blood vessel) which might rupture at any time. CTA is widely used for treating other disorders such as dissection of aortas, malformation inside brain tissues, atherosclerotic disease. While using the contrast material you may feel some warmth sensation which is not a problem. But you should not feel any pain, if it pains, it means it is allergic to you. You have to inform the changes to radiologists before diagnosis with CT. You may be also asked to hold your breath for 10 to 25 seconds to make sure that images shouldn’t get blurred. After the scan, in order to flush out the contrast materials, you will be recommended to take plenty of fluids. www. bookmyscans .com

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CT Chest Scan CT chest scans are commonly used for diagnosing the cause of continuous cough, breath shortness, severe fever & chest pain. Special equipment of CT Chest scanning collects multiple images of organs and tissues of the chest. It is very helpful because it shows all kind of tissues in lungs, heart, bones, blood vessels & muscles at the same time. CT scan for chest is used to detect and evaluated the severity of lung tumours and also for assessing the possibility of such tumours spreading there from other parts of the body. CT chest scan can detect even small abnormalities that could be cancerous whereas conventional X-rays will not detect such cancerous cells at the beginning stage. CT chest scan has the ability to detect any kind of lung cancers. It can also detect other common lung disorders such as emphysema, tuberculosis & other interstitial lung diseases. Most of the patients who are met with accidents use CT chest scans to identify the damage to the organs and bones including spine and large blood vessels. Also, it can detect blood vessels which might be in a rupture stage, thereby CT scan helps preventing such severe conditions. CT chest scan with contrast, the contrast material is injected to the patients where they might feel some metallic taste with flush of heat. But, it just lasts for few minutes. The CT chest scan procedure from the preparation time usually takes not more than 15-30 minutes. www. bookmyscans .com

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CT Head Scan CT Head scans helps in identifying brain tumours, head injuries & common brain diseases. It shows images of bones, soft tissues & blood vessels at the same time. Recent days the usage of head scans are increased due to the stress related brain disorders and road accidents that causes skull fractures and brain damages. It can detect blood clots or any kind of blood leak in the brain. For facial trauma related surgical reconstructions, ct head scans are widely used to determine the impact of damage in bone and soft tissues. Also it is commonly used to diagnose hearing related problems which happens due to the temporal bone diseases in skull. CT head scans can determine the inflammation and other changes in paranasal sinuses. Also it is widely used to conduct radiation therapies for brain and other tissue level cancers. CT head scan usually takes upto 45 minutes based on the number of images required for diagnosis. It doesn’t cause pain, but there might be some sort of discomfort while the contrast material is injected. There might be some kind of itching sensation which is very rare and can be cured quickly through medication. www. bookmyscans .com

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CT scan for spine CT spine scans are more detailed than traditional x-rays where it can obtain images of different types of tissues in bone, muscle and blood vessels. Most commonly CT spine scans are used before and after surgery to diagnose the spinal damage and various types of tumours occurring in each vertebra. Also CT spine scan is helpful in diagnosing the degenerative diseases such as arthritis and common spinal problems like herniated disc which is a kind of problem with a rubbery disc between spinal bones. It is usually done with patient lying backside where technologists analyse whether the position is correct or not and use pillows for proper posture. For lower spine scans, the contrast materials are usually injected into the spinal canal to detect tumours and to accurately locate the inflammation. www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com Source: CT Scans Cost in Bangalore

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