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www. bookmyscans .com CT scan or MRI which is best..?

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CT scan or MRI which is best..? Yes, many of us have a question what is the difference between CT scan and MRI scan and thinking about which one is better than other. Usually both CT and MRI scanner machines look similar but what it does is entirely different. CT scanners emit X-rays into the body and produces images of density and the tissues of a solid organ and can provide detailed information on head, eyes, inner ear, sinuses, chest, pelvis, hips, reproductive systems, bladder, gastrointestinal tract and skeletal system whereas MRI scanners emits powerful magnetic radio waves to produce pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and other internal body structures. www. bookmyscans .com

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MRI vs CT Scan MRI Scan CT Scan Detailed pictures in soft tissues Less detailed as compared to MRI scans Bony structures are less detailed as compare to CT Bony structures are more clear and detailed No known side effects on radiation and very few side effect on MRI contrast scans Little side effects on CT contrast scans. Frequent radiations with CT scans might rarely cause cancer Due to the whirr sound, Claustrophobia patients should take anaesthesia before scan procedure Anaesthesia not required and the scan procedure is very simple Duration for MRI scan is quite higher than CT CT scans are more faster than MRI Cost is higher CT scans are quite cheaper than MRI scans You may be asked to hold breath whenever required Holding breath is quite lesser than MRI. Patients with medical implants such as cardiac pacemakers are not able to undergo MRI as it is very painful with trauma & burn CT scan can be performed without any risk for the patients with medical implants www. bookmyscans .com

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MRI brain CT brain Based on the patient’s health condition and the kind of diagnosis required MRI and CT scans both are equally best in their strengths. MRI scans test results are more specific than CT scan. www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com Source: CT Scans Cost in Bangalore

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