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Book CT scans in Bangalore at Rs.999. Same day appointments. Quality reports. CT Brain, CT spine, CT abdomen pelvis, CT KUB, CT hand, CT leg, etc.,


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www. bookmyscans .com CT Scanners used by the labs in Bangalore

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CT Scanners used by the labs in Bangalore The quality of a CT scanner is usually defined by its number of ‘Slices’. Higher the number of Slices, the more accuracy in detailed imaging. 3D CT Scanners replaces the 10 year old 2d CT scanner where it is commonly available in most of the CT scan centres in Bangalore. The CT Scans are usually popular because of its imaging speed and patient friendliness. For most of the emergency treatments like for accident cases, CT scans are usually preferred as it can diagnose quicker and the imaging is more accurate to begin the treatments. Some of the Leading manufacturers in CT scanners market are Siemens, GE, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi Medical. www. bookmyscans .com

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Most of the CT scanners used by Bangalore labs/Diagnostic centres are between 8 to 64 slices and few centers use 128 to 256 slices CT scanners. 320 to 640 slice scanners are also available in some of the CT scan centers in Bangalore. 4D CT technology already became popular in western nations. Below is a 4D CTA DSA (Computer Tomography Angiography vs Digital Subtraction Angiography) imaging of brain perfusion from Toshiba Scanners . As we mentioned earlier, radiations emitted by CT scanners are usually measured in Millisievert ( mSv ). Modern CT Scanners provide very detailed images of blood vessels and internal organs by using very low radiation doses. Below image is a sample CT scan of the abdomen and thorax where the image is captured within a second and only 20 ml contrast material was given to the patient and the radiation dose is just 2.32 mSv . www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com Source: CT Scans Cost in Bangalore

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