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CT Scan benefits & Risks in Bangalore Major Benefits of CT Scans: In traditional X-rays, the images of internal organs usually overlap. For example, if you want to diagnose the lungs/heart through X-rays, ribs will usually overlap on such organs making it quite difficult to capture images. But, in CT Scans the internal organs are more clearly captured by eliminating the other overlapping structures. Source: Source: Traditional X-ray CT Scans showing internal body www. bookmyscans .com

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These advanced CT scan images help radiologists to accurately diagnose the shape and density of the internal structures. Identifies when surgeries are exactly required Reduces unwanted investigative surgeries Simplifies the cancer diagnosis and its treatment procedures Reduces your time in hospital, thereby reducing costs For guiding severe conditions such as stroke & cardiac related diseases CT scan can be done even if you have any kind of implanted medical device, whereas in MRI you can’t CT scan is always painless unless you are allergic to contrast materials. 3D images of coronary arteries and more www. bookmyscans .com

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Common Risks of CT Scans Chance of Cancers: Most common risk as many researchers and physicians convey to the world is that the radiation in a CT scan is quite dangerous, increasing the chance of getting cancer. Such false statements are creating confusions on the minds of people undergoing CT Scans. According to research, CT scans have not created any long-term effects. Also, the newly upgraded CT machines produce very less radiation and generate clearly sliced images than older CT scanners . Pregnant Women: Only for pregnant women, usually CT scans are not recommended unless there is an emergency. If the CT is used only for chest or head there is no risk for the baby. But, if you undergoa CT scan for abdomen and pelvis, there may be a mild risk for baby and a chance of developing cancer on unborn baby. www. bookmyscans .com

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Continuous exposure: As a common rule in radiology - the higher radiation, the greater risk. If you are using CT scans for long-term basis, there might be a chance of getting cancer and other radiation related diseases. Also children have chances of getting risks than adults and very rarely their DNA’s might get damaged due to the x-ray radiations. Contrast Material: Before taking/injecting the contrast material for high resolution imaging, a patient who is undergoing a CT scan will be having a short medical test or study of your previous health records to check whether they have any medications for some other health ailments. The contrast material, usually iodine based can cause some allergic reaction to patients only those have some other health issues which will be pre-diagnosed through medical tests. Otherwise, there will be minor reactions such as nausea and vomiting rarely. Hence, nothing to worry on contrast material intake for CT scans. www. bookmyscans .com

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High CT scan Radiation is harmful? The radiation doses used in CT scans are usually measured by Millisievert ( mSv ). According to research, a common man is usually exposed to a radiation dose of about 3-4 mSv per year from nature’s radioactive material and cosmic radiations from space. Below chart from will give you a detailed overview about CT scan radiation doses for various organs in our body. www. bookmyscans .com

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Radiations emitted by CT scans are quite lesser than a passenger travelling hours of flight journey. CT scans usually have very small potential risk. More likely it was less than 0.5 percent on getting a future cancer. The sensitiveness of organs on CT scan radiation varies for each organ. Breast, thyroid, lungs and bone marrow are more sensitive than brain because of its reduced cell divisions. Radiation safety experts usually suggest physicians on limitation of radiation dosages based on the patient’s diagnosis requirement. Hence there is no need to be afraid of the risks unless when you are undergoing frequent CT scans. www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com Source: CT Scans Cost in Bangalore

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