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Book CT scans in Bangalore at Rs.999. Same day appointments. Quality reports. CT Brain, CT spine, CT abdomen pelvis, CT KUB, CT hand, CT leg, etc.,


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www. bookmyscans .com Before & after CT scan in Bangalore

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Precautions before & after CT scan in Bangalore Before CT Scan: You have to remove the clothes and wear a hospital gown Remove all the metal objects you wear such as belt, jewellery, eye glasses etc., Stop food/drink intake a few hours before the scan Inform the physician if you are taking any medication for diabetes before receiving the contrast drink/injection Also inform your physician if you have any history of heart problems, asthma, diabetes, thyroid or kidney problems. Before taking the contrast material, you will be signing a consent form which gives you the detailed risks and side effects associated with it. Read out and confirm with radiologists whether you will be allergic to the contrast material. If you are pregnant, you should avoid CT scan and also you have to inform the physician. If you are undergoing scan other than abdomen, there will be no problem. But usually X-ray radiations from CT scan are always harmful to pregnant women. www. bookmyscans .com

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After CT Scan: If you take contrast material, then after the scan procedure, you have to take more fluids continuously to flush such contrast dye. Once your scan is done, you will be monitored for some time whether you are affected with any side effects of contrast material. If you feel any pain, reddishness or swelling in the IV injected area, inform the specialist immediately. There is no specific precautions after CT scan, but sometimes your doctor may advise for specific diet and activities based on your health condition. www. bookmyscans .com

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www. bookmyscans .com Source: CT Scans Cost in Bangalore

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