Period Pieces IB Film Project

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Period Pieces:

Period Pieces Madeline Bricker IB Film Studies – 4G Due: Dec 7/8

What is a period Piece?:

What is a period Piece? an object or work that is set in, or strongly reminiscent of, an earlier historical period

The History:

The History ranges from the medieval era to the roaring twenties includes World Wars, the Victorian Era, etc.


Characteristics Contains historic information Wars Systems Includes different cultures Dress Manners & Speech

Typical Plot Lines:

Typical Plot Lines Pressure to marry into wealthy families Women independent to marry for love Such a broad genre, there are a number of plot lines.

Typical Characters:

Typical Characters Growingly independent women Men who are less fortunate and in love Parents desperate to marry off their daughters

Best Examples:

Best Examples Jayne Eyre Pride and Prejudice Sense and Sensibility Wuthering Heights Gosford Park Mansfield Park Girl With A Pearl Earing

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