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Sports Dramas:

Sports Dramas By: Rhodes, Shelby Class: IB Film Studies

Typical aspects in a drama film:

Typical aspects in a drama film Real life situations with realistic characters, settings, and story lines Portrays the character development throughout the film Strong social interaction Heart of the drama is the conflict Dramatic storyline to appeal to audiences emotions Conflicts are usually realistic struggles, difficulties, and pains by way of family or friends Happy/Good ending to satisfy the audience

Settings of sports dramas:

Settings of s ports dramas Athlete or event is main focus of the film Ex: Big Mike in the Blind Side Can be fictional or non-fictional Always contains athlete Emotional aspect constant Failure, loss, or disruption in film Success and resolution as well Bonds/Relationships between characters Sporting narrative

History of the sports dramas:

History of the sports dramas In 1976, the first ever movie of the Rocky Balboa saga was released for everyone to view. It has made $ 1,126,271,447 ever since its first release day and the numbers are still going up. The Rocky saga mainly focused on one character and that being Rocky himself Other movies such as Rudy, A Million Dollar Baby, and 42 also circle their films around one individual star character

Team building movies:

Team building movies Not every sports drama movie just focuses on one individual Many films include the aspect of team building Overcoming racial differences Making a happy life of a not so easy one Films like this include: Remember the Titans, Coach Carter, When the Game Stands Tall, Facing the Giants , A League of Their Own, Friday Night Lights, White Men Can’t Jump, Hoop Dreams, and many more.

Examples of sports/drama directors:

Examples of sports/drama directors A League of Their Own- Penny Marshall Remember the Titans- Boaz Yakin Talladega Nights- Adam McKay Sandlot- David M. Evans Eight Men Out- John Sayles Bend it Like Beckham- Gurinder Chadha Caddy shack- Harold Ramis The Wrestler- Darren Aronofsky

Here is the trailer for Southpaw…:

Here is the trailer for Southpaw… Southpaw was very strong film this year that had an extremely strong message to all people. Never give up on your dreams.

My personal favorite, Remember the Titans…:

My personal favorite, Remember the Titans … Remember the Titans builds a very strong team bond that only would work if both races, black and white, accept each other for who they are and not the color of their skin. This acceptance takes them a far way in their season.

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